Our Story

Our Mission

Remarkable care for pets

Our Vision

Be the community’s choice for veterinary specialty and emergency care

Our Team Values

BE KIND: We are patient, compassionate and understanding.
BE TRUE: We do and say the right thing in the right way.
BE BOLD: We inspire and embrace change.
BE ESSENTIAL: We build lasting bonds.

BluePearl Veterinary Partners is a community of hospitals that offer specialty and emergency veterinary medicine. BluePearl is wholly owned by employee veterinarians and veterinary professionals and locally managed by experienced, community-focused, and service-minded veterinarians.

We partner with family veterinarians who provide primary patient care, assuring an unbroken continuum of quality medicine for pets at every stage of their lifetime.

Kindness is the foundation of veterinary medicine.  At BluePearl, we believe that remarkable care combines state-of-the-art veterinary medicine with a focus on compassion and respect for your pet and for you.

  • We treat your pet as we treat our own pets.
  • We treat you as we treat our family friends.
  • We treat your family veterinarian as our partner.

BluePearl is growing, but we remain committed to “acting locally,” assuring that each community we are a part of receives comprehensive, compassionate veterinary care in an exceptional patient-care and work environment. The leaders of our local hospitals are shareholders in BluePearl who were invited to join BluePearl precisely because of their attitudes, what they bring to our community of hospitals, and how well they fit with our culture.

. . . . . . BluePearl Veterinary Partners is an ExpertVet Certified Practice.

Our History

How did all of this get started?

In the 1990s, when veterinarian Neil Shaw was completing residency training in internal medicine at the University of Florida, his brother, Darryl Shaw, was finishing an MBA at Northwestern University. They dreamed of moving back to their hometown of Tampa to open a private specialty practice in which newly board-certified Neil would provide the medical care and Darryl would oversee business operations.

Before proceeding, the brothers turned for guidance to their dad, a primary care veterinarian who has practiced in Tampa for many years. The brothers give their father credit for encouraging and building confidence in their dream.

The day after Neil completed his residency in July 1996, he began seeing patients at their new hospital in Tampa. From the beginning, the Shaws focused on providing exceptional patient care and exceptional service to referring veterinarians and clients.

Over the next few years, Florida Veterinary Specialists added board-certified veterinarians in different specialties, growing to become one of the largest multi-disciplinary private veterinary specialty hospitals in the Southeast. Their successful philosophy led to new opportunities, opening specialty and emergency hospitals in other locations in the Tampa Bay area and in New York City.

About the same time, other veterinary specialty hospitals around the country were similarly thriving. Friendships were formed with like-minded and progressive veterinarians. Over time it became evident that working together toward our common goals made sense.

Significantly for BluePearl, in Kansas City, Dr. Jeff Dennis and Dr. Joe Desch were growing the specialty and emergency hospital they founded in 1992. These four men shared a vision of collaborative veterinary medicine provided with utmost compassion for families and pets.

In 2008, BluePearl Veterinary Partners was formed by merging the Kansas City hospital with the Florida and New York hospitals.

In 2010, the BluePearl community was joined by Georgia Veterinary Specialists and Michigan Veterinary Specialists. Michigan Veterinary Specialists was Michigan’s first private, referral-based specialty veterinary practice, founded in 1990 by Dr. Dan Lorimer and Dr. Laura DeLellis. Five years later, Georgia Veterinary Specialists was founded by Dr. Lorimer, Dr. Mark Dorfman, and Dr. Renee Kaswan and is the largest private multi-specialty hospital in Georgia.

Today, BluePearl offers emergency and specialty services in 14 states. We employ more than 1350 people, including more than 350 veterinarians.

1990 Michigan Veterinary Specialists opened
1992 BluePearl co-founder Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center of Kansas City opened
1995 Georgia Veterinary Specialists opened
1996 BluePearl co-founder Florida Veterinary Specialists opened
2003 Michigan Veterinary Specialists – Auburn Hills opened
2005 Florida Veterinary Specialists – Brandon opened
2006 Florida Veterinary Specialists – Clearwater opened
NYC Veterinary Specialists – Manhattan opened
2008 BluePearl Veterinary Partners LLC formed with Florida Veterinary Specialists, NYC Veterinary Specialists and Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center in Kansas City
Michigan Veterinary Specialists – Grand Rapids opened
NYC Veterinary Specialists – Queens opened
2009 BluePearl-Eden Prairie MN opened
2010 BluePearl-Brentwood TN opened
Georgia Veterinary Specialists merged with BluePearl
Michigan Veterinary Specialists merged with BluePearl
NYC Veterinary Specialists – Brooklyn opened
BluePearl-Goodlettsville TN opened
BluePearl-Blaine MN opened
Georgia Veterinary Specialists – Gwinett opened
Florida Veterinary Specialists – Sarasota opened
2011 Florida Veterinary Specialists changed name to BluePearl
NYC Veterinary Specialists changed name to BluePearl
Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center-Kansas City changed name to BluePearl
BluePearl – Northbrook IL opened
BluePearl – Lexington KY opened
BluePearl – Lee’s Summit MO opened
BluePearl – Ann Arbor MI opened
2012 BluePearl – Virginia Beach VA opened
BluePearl – Skokie IL opened
BluePearl – Murfreesboro TN opened
BluePearl – Elk Grove Village IL opened
BluePearl – Louisville KY opened
North Houston Veterinary Specialists and South Texas Veterinary Specialists joined BluePearl
BluePearl – Kansas City Northland MO opened
2013 BluePearl – Macomb MI opened
BluePearl – Northfield IL opened (moved from Northbrook location)
Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center of New England (VESCONE) merged with BluePearl
2014 ACCES (Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services) in Seattle and Renton WA merged with BluePearl