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Gentle & Caring

I knew my little dog wasn’t feeling well but had not realized the seriousness of her illness. The doctor and nurses at BluePearl were gentle and caring, not only with my little dog, but also with me. They understood that I wasn’t expecting a sad outcome, and they helped me through it and that meant […]

Cece Received Such Good Care

My beloved cat Cece was treated by oncologist Dr. Tim Rocha and his team for lymphoma. Unfortunately, she did not survive this horrible disease. But I am so grateful for the care she received at BluePearl. Every week when I brought Cece in for treatment, the oncology staff told me how much they loved her. […]

We Chose Peace for Grove

My dog Grove was diagnosed with severe diabetes. Having shown no symptoms for a while, I had no clue he was suffering for so long. After a couple of nights spent at his regular vet and seeming fully recovered, we were completely devastated when he just collapsed in our living room. We contacted his vet […]

Dustin was Done in by Truffles

We are so grateful to Dr. Sylvia Lee and the staff at BluePearl. On Christmas day our 16-year-old Australian shepard decided to eat a pound of unattended chocolate truffles. He ate enough to do him in and Christmas night we were at BluePearl. His prognosis was not good. Dr. Lee treated him the best she […]

We Get More Time With Hazel

Our pug Hazel was brought in with abdominal trouble. An ultrasound proved that her gall bladder needed to be removed. Dr. Au was preparing for a trip home to Australia for Christmas, but was kind enough to come into the office on his way to the airport to perform this complex, dangerous surgery. Thank God […]

You Helped Lucky Pass Without Pain

Christmas day 2013 my dog Lucky developed a serious cough due to an enlarged heart. As the morning progressed it became clear he needed attention. I brought Lucky to BluePearl in Overland Park. The situation was critical and Lucky lost his fight. I just wanted to thank the staff for trying so very hard to […]

Riley is Back to Hunting After Being Hit by a Car

Memorial Day weekend 2012 our Gordon Setter was hit by a car on north US-23 while she was in Whitmore Lake for bird dog training. The accident left Riley paralyzed and her brain had swelling and numerous other issues, but she survived thanks to the immediate and excellent care from BluePearl! We lived 90 miles […]

Passionate & Kind People

Last year at this time , my daughter and I lost our beloved dog Daphne. I am a RN at an emergency room and am used to dealing with sick people so I am medical but when it comes to my dog family I rely on the experts in that field. We were sent to […]

Exceptionally Calming & Helpful

Dr. Helfmann and receptionist Regina Thomas were exceptionally calming and helpful to me on the phone in the wee hours of the morning when my daughter Elizabeth brought in Nikki, her fragile 10-lb., 13-year-old dog to the hospital. Nikki was suddenly and brutally attacked with repeated kicks by a well-dressed stranger while she was being […]

The Dreaded Sand Spur

Molly was very upset. She was unable to walk right and not eating, drinking or going to bathroom. We took her to BluePearl where the whole staff took a great interest in her problem. After a exam they found a dreaded Florida sand spur in her foot. After the removal of the spur everything was […]

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