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Ace Was Bitten

Our sweet 5-year-old cat, Ace, loves to try to play with our big dogs. He also loves to bite their ears while they sleep. We aren’t sure what set it off, but on Sunday night (Mother’s Day), our lab bit Ace, and it was pretty bad. He was bleeding from his eye, head, nose and […]

Stormy: Our Miracle Dog

My wife and I adopted an Australian Shepherd from a rescue agency in February 2015. She was 1 year old. She had been surrendered by her original owner for unknown reasons. Based on her temperament, I think she must have been abused. We had her for about a month when she bolted out of my car […]

Double Trouble for Ruby

Two times a charm! First, Ruby, our 8-year old boxer, was suffering from severe foot drag as a result of a spinal related condition. With the help of Dr. Wood, Ruby had an awesome examination and left with many possible outcomes. As a result, we had plenty of options to consider for treatment. In the […]

Mugsy Will Be Missed

Mugsy, our 8-year-old male boxer, had a grand mal seizure at home. We immediately drove him to BluePearl in Overland Park. The emergency staff greeted us at our vehicle and took Mugsy straight into the emergency room. He passed within seconds of arriving at the facility. The most compassionate members of BluePearl expressed their condolences […]

BluePearl Pulled Out All the Stops

Topher was having recurring urinary tract issues. We, and our regular vet, thought it was just a regular infection. However, Topher became very ill and we brought him to BluePearl-GVS. The folks there pulled out all the stops to make him better and figure out why he became ill. They kept us informed and did […]

Abigail Quickly Grew to Trust BluePearl

My dog, Abigail, was diagnosed with Lymphoma just before Thanksgiving. I took her to BluePearl and she was able to participate in a Lymphoma study. They treated her quickly, and got the Lymphoma under control. She quickly went into remission. Abigail did not like anyone touching her prior to her care at BluePearl, but because […]

My Puppy Wouldn’t Be Alive Without You

I just wanted to say thank you. As soon as I walked in the door with my puppy, the staff here went into action. I appreciate it so much. He wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for your help! Thank you so much for being so caring. Jennifer Oklahoma

Helped Dudley Walk Again

I just don’t have the words to express how amazing this place is! The staff have always been caring and compassionate each time I’ve visited or called. My French bulldog, Dudley, had back surgery here with Dr. Cellio, and the outcome couldn’t have been better! My little guy was dealt a bad back in life, […]

You Helped Us Through This

I want to take this time to thank Dr. O’Brien and her staff for the very professional and caring way they took care of our beloved Sinja. The thoroughness and compassion that was shown to me that night helped me make the right decision in letting Sinja go, rather than putting her through a lot […]

Surgery Saved Gracie’s Life

Gracie was a rescue Pekingese that we were told was starved. Turns out she had a portosystemic liver shunt that had to be operated on for her to survive. My vet, Dr. Bixler of Companion Animal Clinic, went to vet school with BluePearl’s Dr. Skip Tangner and knew he had a specialty in this area. […]

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