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Quick Diagnosis for our Greyhound

We brought our 9-year-old greyhound in for an ultrasound for a suspected mass in her chest. After a week of X-rays and worry at another vet, the doctors and staff at BluePearl were able to put our mind at ease with a quick diagnosis that the other vets had missed. Ryan Georgia

I Got My Old Lap Cat Back

My cat wasn’t holding down food and was looking sick and lethargic on a Thursday. I was at a loss for words when I took Tony in on Friday night and wasn’t sure I would ever be able to take him home. After scans of his stomach, and with the support of Kayla and Dr. […]

Every Second Counted

We brought our very sick Beagle to BluePearl with a referral from our vet. Wally managed to get into my daughters purse and eat her sugar free gum (containing Xylitol). Xylitol is extremely lethal. More deadly than chocolate. Wally needed care ASAP! Dr Julius and staff acted fast, since every second counted with this poison. […]

He’s Been Improving Every Day

We were visiting family in the Boston area with our 13 year old dog. He awoke one morning unable to stand and his eyes were darting back and forth. Dr. DePaola diagnosed it as old dog vestibular disease. We are so very thankful for the great caring service we received at BluePearl. We appreciate that […]

Helped Us Say Goodbye

My niece’s (Ali) dog was diagnosed with lymphoma about a week ago, given 2 months to live. Having lost my first dog to cancer, I assured my niece she would know when it was time. Unfortunately. the time came quicker than planned and today, New Years Day, we knew Winston needed to get his angel […]

Mojac Tore Both CCLs

Came to Dr. Kerstetter based on advice from my vet. Mojac had been limping, and my vet suspected a torn ACL.* Upon Dr. Kerstetter’s initial exam, it was determined that Mojac had torn both ACL! We had both legs done in one surgery. Mojac was up the next day, and we were able to take […]

Treated Us Like Family

You treated us like family…Our dog, Kuma, hadn’t been eating well, but had been acting normally. When I got home from work, I could tell something was wrong. We brought her in and found out she had tumors and one had started hemorrhaging. We decided to put her down. Even though it was our first […]

Helped Teddy Walk Again

I was first introduced to BluePearl and Dr. Kevin Au when my little dachshund, Teddy, started having trouble walking and was in a lot of pain. My regular vet said he couldn’t do anything and I had to go there. Dr. Au is one of the finest vets around, and thanks to him, Teddy is […]

Felt Like Home

We took our Fluffy (13yrs) to BluePearl Hospital in Virginia Beach for blood work and x-rays since he was having a few health problems. I felt like I was home from the time we walked in. The staff and Vet were very courteous and very concerned on our Fluff’s health. After the results came back, […]

Helped My Grieving Process

Ruby was brought in when we noticed that she was limping and not doing well. The staff at BluePearl did everything in their power to save her. However, it was too late. They were very compassionate towards myself and my two minor daughters. The sweetest memory that means so much to my family is the […]

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