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Your Staff Will Not Be Forgotten

Cayli was a rescue dog who came into our life at 15 months old after having a litter at a puppy mill and being thrown out of her home. We were so fortunate to rescue her, and for over 10 years she has been a constant companion for our family. At only 5 pounds, she loved […]

Obi is a Miracle Kitty

I had just moved back to Missouri in January 2013, and in February started noticing my cat, Obi, was sneezing and had some discharge from his nose. By May, after weight loss and starting tube feeding, BluePearl confirmed there was cancer in his nose. While considering my options, Dr. Heeb at BluePearl in Overland Park […]

Profound Respect for the Doctors and Staff

You helped me through the most difficult period of my life. Scrappy was a happy, energetic 9-year-old pitbull when he suddenly took ill. One moment he was chasing the cat around the house, and the next moment he couldn’t stand or walk. I knew he was in pain, and it broke my heart that I […]

Leonardo’s Long, Scary Journey: From Diagnosis to Recovery

My nearly four-year-old Bernese mountain dog, Leonardo, has been coming to BluePearl since late July 2014 after having been evaluated by the orthopedic specialists at Ohio State Veterinary School regarding a hip replacement. Because of damage done to his hip and femur from a spider bite when he was six months old, it was determined […]

Mayday’s TPLO Surgery Success

Mayday hurt his knee running and playing in an open field all by himself. We started laser therapy immediately, along with a holistic regime that lasted eight weeks. While the therapy seemed to be helping, we decided to go ahead with the TPLO surgery. Dr. Salas had performed TPLO surgery previously on two of our […]

They Treat Our Dogs like Our Children

BluePearl has taken great care of our dogs on several occasions. The staff and doctors are so caring, friendly and knowledgeable. They treat our dogs like our children and are so kind. They make accurate diagnosis with the least amount of testing and expense possible. Thank you all for always being available! Beth Michigan

Superheroes Saved Cooper the Wonder Dog

I am beyond grateful to BluePearl of Tampa and Brandon and all the wonderful doctors and nurses who worked diligently to save the life of my little man, Cooper. He is my 11-year-old, 11-pound, free-spirited papillon. He had stage IV tracheal collapse and was literally dying before my eyes, and the dedicated and talented doctors and […]

Your Staff Made Everything a Little Easier

It was Easter Sunday and I knew my cat of 16 years, Michael, had to get to a vet immediately. I called ahead and they were ready and waiting for him. Even though his time had come, they were compassionate and understanding. I was with him throughout. He was so comfortable, he was purring during […]

Helped Zoey Through a Very Tough Time

Our 5-year-old chiweenie (part dachshund, part chihuahua), Zoey, had ventral slot surgery in January 2016 for a large mineralized disc extrusion between her C2 and C3 vertebrae. It was heartbreaking to see her in such intolerable pain. We can’t say enough about the staff at BluePearl in Louisville. They helped us make some hard decisions […]

I’m so Thankful My Vet Recommended BluePearl

I took Zadie, my rescue Australian shepherd and red heeler mix, to my local vet for a checkup. My vet noticed a sac that had formed under one of her salivary glands. There is a fancy name for it, but in plain English, saliva had formed a sac in a gland. The sac needed to […]

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