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Emergency Surgery Saved Jessie Girl

Our Jessie girl had a disc blow out on Saturday night. I didn’t realize it at the time, I just thought she was restless and didn’t want to lay down. I took her to an animal emergency hospital Sunday morning and they got Jessie’s pain under control and attempted some treatment options. Later that night, […]

Compassion and Care for Clancy

I want to thank the exceptional staff at BluePearl in Southfield for their excellent care and compassion as we lost our 22-year-old cat, Clancy, in late November. Clancy became ill quickly on a Saturday and by Sunday was quite lethargic and breathing heavily. Our vet was closed and I was hesitant to go to an […]

Nurse and Doctor Were so Kind

I just want to thank you. Early last Christmas morning my dog was very sick. I called you, and the doctor on the phone advised me to bring my dog right in. Your nurse and the doctor that took care of my dog were just so kind. They had the hard job of telling me […]

Abbey’s Rules

We pride ourselves on providing remarkable care for pets. But when we make a mistake, we are honest and we learn from it. Recently, a critical error in surgery occurred, making us look freshly at our pre-surgical precautions. We have revamped our checklists and retrained our teams on the use of pre-surgical safety lists so this […]

Thank You for Giving My Puppy Back to Me

I took my dog off his leash, like I have 1000 times before, and he immediately chased after something. I searched for him all night. When the sun came up, I found him in really bad shape laying 30 ft off a busy road. Both of his legs were badly injured. My boy, Fletch, was […]

Adele Swallowed a Fishing Hook

Our little Boston terrier, Adele, swallowed a fishing hook. It got stuck, and to pull it was very complicated, but BluePearl did an excellent job! I just want to thank the entire staff at BluePearl and especially thank Dr. Meri Miller. I would recommend BluePearl! Olga Novakova Georgia

Knowledge, Kindness and Compassion

Thank you, Dr. Reyes (Emergency), Dr. Pogue (Cardiology), the techs and admin staff for their knowledge, kindness and compassion. My vet recommended that I take my 15-year old cat, Taz, to further diagnose the cause of his weight loss, fluid build-up and overall decline. I rushed Taz into emergency a day before his scheduled appointment, […]

Skeletor the Cat Saved by Dr. He-Man

Our beloved cat, Skeletor, began vomiting small amounts of blood, so naturally we took him to our closest vet. After doing some x-rays and blood work, the vet told me that she was not able to tell us exactly what was wrong, but there was something majorly wrong with his digestive system. She explained that […]

Shadow’s Allergy Conundrum

Dr. Schick became our hero back in 2004! Our black lab, Shadow, had horrible allergies. He was passed off as having a multitude of ailments until Dr. Schick finally got his diagnosis and treatment correct. Thank you for the many, many, many years we have had Shadow thanks to your expertise. We’ve been out of […]

Best Care Possible for Sophie

My Sophie was referred to BluePearl because of a suspected abdominal tumor. When we got her there she was having trouble breathing and was in a lot of pain. After tests and breathing treatments, we found she had pancreatitis. The staff at BluePearl in Brentwood were very informative with updates and after the best care […]

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