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My Papillon Passed Peacefully

My papillon was exhibiting acute respiratory distress owing to collapsed trachea and fluid in the lungs. I knew her condition was dire and possibly mortal owing to a long-term blood condition whereby she no longer produced platelets. She had much distress and my hope was they could give her a peaceful resolution to her situation. […]

Quick Care for Kita

The staff and vet were expedient and very caring while treating my Akita, named Kita, with a lacerated tongue. I had to make two visits in a 6-hour period because he opened the wound again. Total time spent was no more than an hour for both visits. My Kita doesn’t normally allow blood draw or shots without […]

Coconut Was Surrounded by Love

Our 11 year-old baby American eskimo, Coconut, was diagnosed in 2010 with canine Cushing’s disease. Fortunately, our veterinarians caught it and she responded well to the meds. However, in March 2014, she refused to take her medications and ultimately it was due to gastritis which was treated. One test led to another and within three weeks, she went […]

I Couldn’t Be More Pleased

We took our dog Henry in for emergency surgery to remove a large mass of grass, the kind that grows in our lawn, he had ingested. It created a bulge the size of a grapefruit that he could not digest and it needed to be surgically removed . Dr. Victoria Miller was wonderful. She explained every […]

Support & Sympathy From the Staff

My partner and I both want to thank you for all of your help and support during this last weekend. We had no idea that our day would take the turn that it did. We were definitely full of emotion as we walked in the door. Your amazing staff knew we were coming and immediately […]

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Dog

Homer, my 9-year-old Labrador was diagnosed with lymphoma and with nodes on his spleen, at another emergency vet center. He was sent home with palliative care. I wasn’t comfortable with the diagnosis so I took him to my vet for further evaluation. My vet suggested removing the spleen and treating the lymphoma, if the spleen […]

Chaos Received Compassionate Care

Our beloved sheltie, Chaos, had many visits to your specialty hospital, even hospitalizations with complete recoveries. When we brought her to the ER and Dr. Nix on a Sunday afternoon we had no idea that the sudden onset of respiratory distress would be a terminal condition. Abnormal x-rays showed a serious condition and she was put on […]

Our Dog Was Stung by a Wasp

When we placed our little guy on the porch he immediately started yelping. Because it was night time, our vet recommended that we take him to BluePearl’s emergency service.  The front office staff was fantastic and kept us distracted while the doctor worked on him. Dr. Lee was wonderful. Turns out our dog was stung by a wasp. Dr. Lee […]

Like They Had Always Known Daisy

Daisy had been battling oral cancer for a year. She was such a fighter. Until the last couple of weeks, you might not have known she was sick. She was such a happy loving dog.  Although we struggled with what was becoming more and more obvious, we had to say goodbye. We made an appointment to […]

You Saved Our Vacation

We were traveling from Tampa and our dog had trouble standing and walking. We decided to have him checked out before heading into North Carolina on a Sunday. We were familiar with Bluepearl in Tampa thus we Googled the Atlanta hospital which happened to be on our way. We called ahead, jumped off the interstate, got right in, and back […]

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