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Felt at Ease

It was late Saturday afternoon when Pez, my 8-year-old Morkie began yelping in pain. My regular vet was already closed. They recommended BluePearl. I was very reluctant. However, when I walked through the doors of this facility I began to feel at ease. After the initial triage which impressed me, Dr. Alison Cornell entered. She […]

Care and Respect for Muffin, and Us

Muffin, a 15-year-old shih tzu, has been treated in the past by Drs. Goulet, Miller, Olson, and for the last three years by Dr. Otte. They have all treated both Muffin and us with the utmost care and respect. He had several health issues including Cushing’s disease, neurological problems of his back legs, and possibly […]

I Needed to Hear I Had Done the Right Thing

When Lacy, our miniature schnauzer, turned suddenly sick overnight having both a seizure and collapse, we were so fortunate to have the expertise and empathy of the staff at BluePearl of Eden Prairie. Lacy was taken in promptly and cared for by a very capable female vet who carefully monitored her and attended to her […]

You Were All So Kind

I took my Saint Bernard to the local vet clinic by me. They did blood work and said it looked fine. But, she was still sick the next day. The following day, I took her into BluePearl. You were all so kind and so understanding as I cried to you. We lost Sugar. We loved […]

We Were Treated Like Celebrities

Before we left home for our scheduled appointment we received a call informing us that it may seem a bit hectic at the BluePearl hospital in Manhattan due to the presence of a film crew. We were greeted outside, escorted downstairs immediately to Dr. Levitin and staff, seen with care and enthusiasm, escorted back upstairs […]

Dollie Was Handled With Kindness

We brought our beautiful, 4-year-old white Scottie named Dollie to BluePearl because she was having breathing problems. It turned out to be cancer and Dollie left us the next morning. I am sorry we haven’t written sooner, but we are still not over it. You guys were fantastic though and did all you could. You […]

Kissa and I Were Treated With Compassion

My story does not have the ending I had hoped for, but I do need to thank everyone who did everything they could to diagnose and then treat Kissa who had lymphoma. I am so glad that my vet in Hernando County sent me to Blue Pearl where Kissa and I were both treated with […]

Punkin’s Gentle Passing

I rescued Punkin, a 4-year-old black Chihuahua who had been found in the woods of Brandon. Punkin was extremely abused, starving and scared. Six years later, my sweet Punkin developed sudden pulmonary edema and went into cardiac arrest. I said goodbye to her at BluePearl. The compassion, sensitivity and empathy of Dr. Alan Spier got […]

Simple, But Brilliant Idea

Dr. Bessler, assisted by Regina Thomas, saved our cat’s life. We called with a medical emergency at 3:30 a.m. Our cat was howling in pain and needed medical treatment, but it was impossible to get him into the carrying case, which we had been trying to do unsuccessfully for over an hour. We were connected […]

You Gave Me More Time With Chloe

Around 3 a.m., I awoke to find my 13-year-old Jack Russell terrier, Chloe, having a seizure, and then she had another, and then another. I rushed her to BluePearl where they took her in and attended to her in their ICU. They were able to get her cluster seizures under control. I was able to take […]

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