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Fortunate to Walk Through Your Doors

Walking in with my Bosco at the time knowing he was probably gone was the hardest and most painful moment. The doctors and staff at your hospital were fast and very helpful. Their compassion and ability to answer all questions truly demonstrated their professionalism and dedication to their line of work. I thank both doctors […]

Great Advice, At All Hours

Dr. Baker has been very informative, steady and compassionate through the entire process of determining Daisy’s loss of sight in one eye and attempting to save sight in remaining good eye. Her obvious competence, honesty (about no guarantees with the laser retinal “stitching”) and genuine kindness makes a difficult process easier to absorb. I’d also […]

Compassionate Care, for Pets and People

Dr. Murphy was the first doctor to examine Hestia when I brought her in. He was thorough and compassionate, and he made sense of a very confusing situation. Dr. McGonigle made me feel at home in the hospital and explained each wave of test results to me. She encouraged me to take an active role […]

We Will Always Remember

At 2 a.m. on Christmas morning, we brought out our 4.5-lb, 13-year-old yorkie to Dr. Benjamin March because she had been suffering from respiratory problems over the previous few days. Her condition suddenly seemed much worse and we wanted to be sure she wasn’t suffering needlessly and were (somewhat) prepared for the worst. Dr. March was gentle with Phoebe, […]

Smokey Fought Parvo, and Won!

We want to express our appreciation for the amazing care you gave our dog while he was sick with parvovirus in December. Without you, he never would have made it out of the hospital. But today, now approaching seven months of age, he is as healthy a puppy as we could hope for. When you […]

Charlie Had Spinal Surgery

I am reminded of how amazing you guys are now that my little dachsund, Charlie, has become ill again. In 2007 when Charlie was only 6 years old, he had spinal surgery at your hospital in Sandy Springs, GA. All of you were so kind to him and to me and I will never forget […]

Gentle & Caring

I knew my little dog wasn’t feeling well but had not realized the seriousness of her illness. The doctor and nurses at BluePearl were gentle and caring, not only with my little dog, but also with me. They understood that I wasn’t expecting a sad outcome, and they helped me through it and that meant […]

Cece Received Such Good Care

My beloved cat Cece was treated by oncologist Dr. Tim Rocha and his team for lymphoma. Unfortunately, she did not survive this horrible disease. But I am so grateful for the care she received at BluePearl. Every week when I brought Cece in for treatment, the oncology staff told me how much they loved her. […]

We Chose Peace for Grove

My dog Grove was diagnosed with severe diabetes. Having shown no symptoms for a while, I had no clue he was suffering for so long. After a couple of nights spent at his regular vet and seeming fully recovered, we were completely devastated when he just collapsed in our living room. We contacted his vet […]

Dustin was Done in by Truffles

We are so grateful to Dr. Sylvia Lee and the staff at BluePearl. On Christmas day our 16-year-old Australian shepard decided to eat a pound of unattended chocolate truffles. He ate enough to do him in and Christmas night we were at BluePearl. His prognosis was not good. Dr. Lee treated him the best she […]

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