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Dale Made it Home for New Years

Our cat, Dale, a couple of days before New Years Eve came down with a urinary blockage. We called the veterinary clinic my family has used for the past 30 years, and due to the holiday, they couldn’t provide the immediate care he needed. They referred me to BluePearl. From the moment I walked though […]

A Comforting Goodbye to Cali

Our 12-year-old baby kitty, Cali, had a routine vet visit that resulted in some teeth extractions. This left her unable to eat or drink. Our vet cared for her for days, and upon coming home, Cali got worse. We brought her to our vet to have a feeding tube inserted and brought her home. Her first […]

Have Never Experienced Such Amazing Customer Service

Bailey is a Jack Russell terrier puppy. I adopted her from the Humane Society of Tampa at 8 weeks old. Immediately, I fell in love with her! She’s such a sweet and loving little puppy. I named her Bailey after the Grey’s Anatomy character. My vet prescribed the FHO procedure for her, one that would […]

Five Stars Aren’t Enough

Our dog was severely ill with pneumonia, and our regular vet recommended we take her to a 24/7 hospital for a 24-hour period. We took her to the Elk Grove Village location. She wasn’t eating or drinking, only coughing. The staff was extremely courteous and answered multiple phone calls and questions promptly. We were able […]

Through Illness and a Spider Bite, Leo Kept Fighting

In August of 2015, my 82-pound Doberman mix (Leo) was acting strange and had been pooping blood in our backyard. We took him into emergency at 5 a.m. and spent day at BluePearl running tests to find out what was going on. Leo’s blood platelet count was at zero, and he was diagnosed with Immune […]

Your Medicine, Guidance & Care Saved Our Daughter’s Dog

One year ago (the Saturday after Thanksgiving) my daughter’s German shepherd got run over by our trailer and we found your hospital in Tacoma. Her thigh was severely lacerated and her pelvis fractured. She had been suffering from hip dysplasia and was 10 years old. Steve and I were both able to care for her […]

Sharmie Underwent Eye Surgery

My cocker spaniel, Sharmie, underwent laser eye surgery. It was a rocky road the first few days with her at home, but she has adjusted well. We saw our family vet, Dr. Thom Miller, today and Sharmie is looking good and feeling great! Thanks goes to Dr. Tammy Miller and also Dr. Foote, who helped during […]

Have Never Felt So Welcome

I have never felt so welcome at a facility as I did at the Tacoma hospital. The staff was extremely nice, and Dr. Daniel Hicks was great. He took extra time with my dog and I, and he decided on a great treatment plan for my pet. Thank you, Dr. Hicks! Becky O’Dell Washington

Staff Truly Cared About Us

Last October, we had brought our baby in after a couple days of him throwing up and refusing food and water. They immediately took action and found cancer had taken over his stomach. BluePearl was so comforting in such a tragic and horrific time in our lives. This past week, we took in our second […]

I Left Wishing I Lived Closer

My experience at the Grand Rapids hospital was by far the best experience I’ve ever had at a vet’s office. On December 15, just after 5 pm we had to bring our senior black lab there for tests they were unable to do at our local vet. It was a 90 minute drive after a stressful day of […]

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