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Life-Threatening Rawhide Treat

My female yorkie, Topsy, had ingested a rawhide that was stuck in her esophagus at first, and then it had a really hard time coming through her intestines. She suffered for days with labored breathing and swelling until I said “enough is enough” and brought her first to my vet, then to BluePearl. She was […]

Congestive Heart Failure Triumph

Schwatzee went to the hospital on March 9 breathing very heavily. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. My pet and I greatly appreciate her care and your expertise in getting stable. The veterinarians involved were professional and readily available in answering questions and providing understandable answers with what to do moving forward. The specialists were amazing. […]

Pneumonia Put Sara’s Life in Question

I want to thank Dr. Mix, Melissa and many more for helping Sara Emily Cramp with her aspirated pneumonia. For how bad it looked for her on the inside and how she was looking on the outside, her condition was doubtful. However, with the right medication, as they called “the big guns,” she turned around […]

Nothing Short of Wonderful

I just want to praise the staff at BluePearl. I had to take my beloved dog there at 2:15 a.m. They were nothing short of wonderful. They explained everything that was going to be done for my dog. She was admitted to the ICU, a very scary place for any owner. I was given updates […]

They Saw Bama as a Member of Our Family

We were referred to BluePearl by our home vet when she realized our 10-year-old great Dane, Bama, had a fibrosarcoma in her mouth. From the moment we walked in the door, we felt at home. Every staff member was professional, caring and compassionate. You could tell they saw Bama as a member of our family, […]

Frankie Hasn’t Lost a Step After TPLO Surgery

Thank you, Dr. Natasha Stanke, DVM and BluePearl! Frankie had TPLO surgery for his ruptured CCL back in July of 2014, and we are ever so grateful for the mobility and happiness that Frankie continues to enjoy! There’s just no slowing down this ole guy. We call him “Frankie Bag of Donuts,” because he’s always […]

My Little One is Doing Great

My little Chihuahua was admitted to the BluePearl – Town Center location and was diagnosed with an irritable bowel disease. They had to do emergency surgery, and she was hospitalized there for five days. Dr. Amanda Traub and her associate, Stephanie, were the most amazing people I have ever dealt with. They were caring and […]

Emergency Surgery Saved Lady

My 5-month-old Italian greyhound, Lady, became suddenly ill with vomiting and not eating. She was drinking water only and urinating, but she had no bowel moments over one weekend and I was having my own medical procedure that Monday. I had planned to take her to the vet on Tuesday, due to my procedure and not being […]

A Board-Certified Surgeon Makes All the Difference

My 12-year-old golden girl, Brandy, had been swimming and playing on the pool deck when she suddenly couldn’t put any weight on her left rear leg. Our local vet gave NSAIDs and pain medicine thinking it was just a strain/sprain, but in the middle of the night, Brandy started to whimper and was unable to […]

Helped Oliver When No One Else Could

Our yellow Labrador, Oliver, had been reverse sneezing for over a year. It had become a daily ritual with Oliver reverse sneezing multiple times a day. Our vet was at a loss. We went to the UF vet school giving symptoms of weight loss at about a pound per month despite a voracious appetite, and […]

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