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The Whole Staff Was Supportive

I had to bring my 15-year-old great Dane in to be put to sleep. The staff was excellent with me, my son and my dog, Harley. In a very hard time for us, they really helped us through the whole process. Dr. Marie Yakubik was great as well. If I had to go back for […]

Petey had a Good Life

Petey was 17 years old on the Fourth of July. He had a really good life, and he was there for me after his brother and my husband died. His brother also died from heart failure at the age of 14 years old. The people at BluePearl made me feel quite comfortable in making the […]

The Only Place to Go for Special Care

We had an emergency with our baby girl, and BluePearl made us and our baby, Lexi, so comfortable. They ran tests on her and fully explained everything to us and what they were going to do. Our dog is our baby. I just can’t thank them enough for all their help and care. I have […]

Chemotherapy Extended Shadow’s Life

In September of 2014, our 10-year-old border collie/Aussie was diagnosed with lymphoma. Our regular vet suggested we go to BluePearl to check on chemotherapy treatments. We went for a consultation with Dr. Nestor, and he talked to us about several treatments. We opted to try five treatments once every three weeks. Shadow went in remission […]

Tooth Trouble for Stella

Our 9 1/2 year old Bernese mountain dog had a tooth pulled last week by a local vet. Three days later, we ended up an emergency vet clinic as the area was odorous and necrotic. So, a second general anesthetic was performed and the vet cleaned the area but was unable to entirely close the […]

Brodie Fought With Everything He Had

We had been to BluePearl over the last few years with our Brodie¬†(Yorkshire terrier) that had a collapsed trachea and had several bad bouts with his breathing. It is literally heartbreaking to hear the honking sound they make with this condition when exacerbated . Our last visit, July 14,2015, Brodie was cared for by Dr. […]

Otis is Playing Fetch Again

Great care by good people who do care. We are in the Boston area from Texas. My close companion, Otis, started not feeling well, then went lame in his right rear leg. Dr. Resnick was so professional, so caring. I was very appreciative and impressed by the way everyone treated him. I was so worried […]

Lillie’s Surgery Still a Success Years Later

Late 2010, my 1-year-old yorkie, Lillie, began to have blood in her urine. I took her to her normal vet, and he put her on different antibiotics thinking it was an infection. He then did an ultrasound to find multiple cysts on her ovaries. We then made the decision to spay her to avoid pain, […]

Great Care for our Boston Terrier

Our 10-year-old Boston terrier had been having some issues walking and lifting her head like normal. Dr. Hicks diagnosed her quickly and performed the appropriate surgery right away. He and the staff took such great care of our baby. We are so appreciative of their expertise and great care. Our baby is doing great, and […]

Saying Goodbye to Daisy

We knew it was time to say goodbye to our beloved dog, Daisy, who was 16 years young. But the biggest decision for me was where to take her. I heard about BluePearl from a cat clinic that my daughter attended for showing her cat at the fair. I decided to call them and see […]

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