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I Couldn’t Have Asked For More

I can not say enough good things about my experience with BluePearl in NYC. Dr. Levitan was amazing. He not only performed and delivered great surgical results, he took the time to walk me through and explain (in layman’s terms) what had transpired and the options at hand, in a manner that surpassed care I, […]

Adrian Had an Amazing Experience

I noticed my miniature pinscher, Adrian, bumping into walls and not seeing very well. I took her to BluePearl in Queens. What an amazing experience my dog had. She was very well taken care of. Everyone was concerned about my dog. Dr. Evans is amazing. I would recommend BluePearl 100%. Thanks to everyone for being nice an treating […]

Something Was Horribly Wrong With Max

After a night of throwing up, my husband knew there was something horribly wrong with our Max. When our regular veterinarian’s office opened the next morning, we called and got Max right in. After his exam and ultrasound, they had us go right to BluePearl. We were told Max was critical, his intestines had twisted (mesenteric […]

Murphy is Back to His Effervescent Self Again

I want to thank the entire staff at BluePearl for their excellent care and compassion for our little toy schnauzer, Murphy. He came down with a pancreatic attack on a Saturday. Thank God for you people who are open 24/7 and took such good care of him. Being able to see where he would be […]

Henry Is Making Great, Corgi Strides

I knew that something was wrong with our corgi, Henry, when he jumped off the couch and made a horrible screaming noise. He had crushed a vertebra in his back. After rushing him to the vet in Mankato, they referred us to BluePearl that same day. When I brought him in, the staff were very […]

Axle Faced Serious Health Issues

There aren’t enough words to express my appreciation, gratitude and admiration for everything the entire staff has done for my 8-year-old great Dane, “Axle.” He’s had some pretty serious health issues within the past year, a couple issues being life threatening, but he’s pulled through and overcome every obstacle he’s faced so far. Without the […]

Many Thanks for Trying to Help Annie

I want to thank you for the care given Annie when attempting to put her cancer into remission, but have waited until our grieving subsided. We lost Annie in the end, but my thanks still go to Dr. Schmit and your staff. Here is a picture of our new baby Aberdeen (Abby). I forgot about training all […]

Special Care for Lucy

I wish to thank the entire staff at BluePearl for the special care they provided for my little Lucy during the last day of her short 6-year life. She was diagnosed with encephalitis and her own immune system was attacking her brain cells, which resulted in my Lucy’s passing. The onset of this disease was […]

When No Other Vet Could Help

Casey has anemia and needed multiple blood transfusions. When no other vet would help Casey (because they weren’t equipped with the best technology and 24/7 care, BluePearl’s Dr. Gickling knew exactly what to do. When the first transfusion didn’t work he very confidently said she needs another transfusion. I did what he suggested and at […]

Chloie is Doing Well

Little Cloie has been to your place many, many times for pneumonia. Our daughter is the owner and we are the grandparents. We have had the best experience, we would not still have Cloie with us if it were not for BluePearl inVirginia Beach. She is doing well and we hope with the new instructions for […]

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