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Chaos Received Compassionate Care

Our beloved sheltie, Chaos, had many visits to your specialty hospital, even hospitalizations with complete recoveries. When we brought her to the ER and Dr. Nix on a Sunday afternoon we had no idea that the sudden onset of respiratory distress would be a terminal condition. Abnormal x-rays showed a serious condition and she was put on […]

Our Dog Was Stung by a Wasp

When we placed our little guy on the porch he immediately started yelping. Because it was night time, our vet recommended that we take him to BluePearl’s emergency service.  The front office staff was fantastic and kept us distracted while the doctor worked on him. Dr. Lee was wonderful. Turns out our dog was stung by a wasp. Dr. Lee […]

Like They Had Always Known Daisy

Daisy had been battling oral cancer for a year. She was such a fighter. Until the last couple of weeks, you might not have known she was sick. She was such a happy loving dog.  Although we struggled with what was becoming more and more obvious, we had to say goodbye. We made an appointment to […]

You Saved Our Vacation

We were traveling from Tampa and our dog had trouble standing and walking. We decided to have him checked out before heading into North Carolina on a Sunday. We were familiar with Bluepearl in Tampa thus we Googled the Atlanta hospital which happened to be on our way. We called ahead, jumped off the interstate, got right in, and back […]

You Were There For Us

Our 12-year-old dog, Pax, had cancer. When it was his time they BluePearl was there for us. They were very caring. It was a hard time for our family, but the evening staff was so very awesome. We thank you so much! Lori Herrington Missouri

Our Precious Perla

Precious Perla was six years old and had always been a very healthy and active little girl. One day, she was very mellow which was kind of odd so we figured she was tired from walking and the hot weather. However, since this was odd, we kept watching to see if something was wrong. Her appetite decreased […]

The Chance at Life He Deserved

Beaux was in a car accident when he was only nine months old at the time and had a compression fractured vertebrae in his spine. Dr. Au performed surgery with only a 50% chance of Beaux ever being able to walk again. As of today, Beaux is not only able to walk he also run and […]

We Needed Peace of Mind

My husband and myself had a very difficult decision to make regarding our 8-year-old Tillie, who had apparently gotten very sick. In order to have peace of mind, we made the drive to the BluePearl hospital in Blaine. Upon entering the clinic we were treated very nicely by the receptionist. Dr. Cottingham saw Tillie and […]

Professionalism & Compassion

I want to thank the late crew at the Lee’s Summit hospital for their professionalism and compassion with me and my dog, Morgan. Morgan was a 16-year-old husky mix, who very rapidly developed severe breathing issues. I was desperate, not sure if she was in pain, but knowing that she was severely stressed. One vet […]

Daisy Mae Received the Best Possible Care

I cannot say enough good things about the staff and veterinarians at the BluePearl hospital in Southfield. Although we lost our sweet fur-baby, she received the very best possible care at this hospital. Our hearts are still breaking over the loss of our beloved baby girl, Daisy Mae. Daisy was probably the prettiest springer spaniel I […]

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