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Helped Us Through a Frightening Illness

If your pet needs a veterinary oncologist, Dr. Brian Husbands is the one you want caring for them. When our bichon was diagnosed with an oral plasmacytosis, we were referred to Dr. Husbands. At our first appointment, he provided a very thorough and understandable explanation of the cancer and treatment options. He even provided customized, […]

Twokee Remains in Remission

I brought Twokee in after her regular vet discovered two masses in her intestines. As it turned out, she had intestinal lymphoma. The great surgeons at BluePearl-GVS removed the tumors, and Twokee started treatment about 10 days later. Thanks to Dr. Hamilton and his great team, Twokee remains in remission almost 2 years after her […]

Dexter’s Doctor Was Gentle & Caring

One of the greatest feelings we felt was the comfort of actually talking directly to the doctors who were observing/testing our 12-year-old dog, Dexter, throughout our entire experience. We rarely spoke to technicians (which were all very friendly, too), and it was the doctor who came into the room or personally made the phone calls. We […]

I Have Found an Emergency Vet for Life

Thank You, Dr. Liebelt. Dakota is so much better now, and I have you and BluePearl to thank for it. My little 10-pound long-haired miniature dachshund is playing like he never got hurt. On March 12, 2015, shortly after 6 p.m., I had to rush Dakota to his vet after he and his sister played […]

Midnight Emergency Surgery Saved Lexi

The evening of February 28, 2015, we rushed our 5-year-old golden retriever, Lexi, to BluePearl after she began vomiting and became lethargic. She was bleeding internally, and the worst was feared. I will forever be grateful for the doctors and staff on duty that evening for the extensive care she received. I know they faced […]

Saying Goodbye to Our Faithful Companion

I found Beau, our almost 14-year-old Sheltie-corgi mix, in the laundry room laying and not moving. He was breathing short, shallow breaths. I called BluePearl in Northland in a full-blown panic. When we arrived, the staff met us as we came through the door and whisked our beloved baby to the ER. The staff was […]

Added 9 Months of Quality Life

Thank you to the staff at Overland Park for doing everything they could for my little Vanilla, who had hemolytic anemia. She did finally pass away January 30th, but we were able to buy her about 9 months of quality life with the blood transfusions. I know most people would not have done 5-6 of […]

Critical Treatment Saved Eddie

In February 2015, I had to take my 22-year-old black cat, Eddie, to the BluePearl Hospital in Tacoma for critical treatment. I no longer believed that the local veterinarian in Yelm had the 24-hour care facilities should hospitalization be required. The treatment that Eddie received at this facility has been OUTSTANDING. The local veterinarian in […]

They Made an Emotional Time Easier

I unfortunately had to bring my dog, Roxy, to this location late one evening due to her stomach flipping. I have had my dog for 13 years and, as most pet lovers are like parents, she was my child. I received the dog when I was only 11, and she had been with me every […]

Your Compassion Will Forever Ease My Pain

I was referred to your hospital as my dog, Jake, was gravely ill. Jake was my constant buddy and we were taken in by your staff like we were family. I cannot believe the care, treatment and consideration we were given by ALL! The skill and compassion that I observed during Jake’s surgery and stay […]

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