BluePearl in Massachusetts

Specialty & Emergency Veterinary Care in Massachusetts

Welcome to BluePearl in Massachusetts. We are a 24-hour vet in Waltham committed to providing remarkable specialty and emergency care for pets. BluePearl stands for great veterinary medicine and we give you and your pet excellent, compassionate service.

BluePearl - Waltham – MA
24/7 Pet Emergencies
781.890.2871 (fax)
180 Bear Hill Rd
Waltham MA 02451

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With expertise drawn from years of advanced training, BluePearl’s veterinarians tackle some of the toughest medical and surgical conditions. Our specialists use innovative procedures, combined with traditional, proven methods, high-tech equipment and the latest medicines and therapies to diagnose and treat your pet’s condition.

Your family veterinarian knows your pet well and, if your pet’s condition requires an advanced level of care, your veterinarian may refer you to one of our locations. We work closely with your veterinarian to ensure a personalized treatment plan is made based on your pet’s individual medical history.

Our team’s goal is to create and deliver a treatment plan that best meets your pet’s medical needs and your expectations. Whether your veterinarian referred your pet to us because of an emergency situation or due to a chronic illness, our skilled team is ready to provide the highest quality of care and attention for your pet.

As important as our medical expertise is, we believe that excellent care combines state-of-the-art veterinary medicine with a focus on compassion and respect for your pet and for your family. We treat your pet as we would treat our own pets; we treat you as we would treat a family friend; and we treat your family veterinarian as our partner.

Your veterinarian provides the best wellness care for your pet, which is why BluePearl does not offer primary care, routine health exams, spay/neuter or vaccinations. For these services, please schedule regular wellness visits with your family veterinarian.