Study: Dogs With Chemotherapy-Induced Diarrhea

Trial Specifics

We are currently recruiting patients to participate in a partially-funded trial to evaluate the safety of crofelemer in dogs with chemotherapy-induced diarrhea.

Trial Eligibility

Inclusion criteria:
  • Dogs, male or female intact or spayed/neutered, > 1 year old, with a weight of > 5 pounds.
  • Dogs on a chemotherapy regimen with diarrhea and a Purina fecal score of > 4.
Exclusion criteria:
  • Pregnant, lactating or intended for breeding
  • Vomiting in the last 12 hours
  • Medical conditions which, in the opinion of the Investigator, would preclude enrollment in the study
  • Nothing by mouth (NPO) for managing diarrhea

(More detailed inclusion and exclusion criteria can be discussed with the doctor and technician.)


Renton Participation

For more information, please contact Dr. Megan Breit or technician Sarah Van De Ven at 206.364.1660.