Study: Dogs with B-cell Lymphoma

This is a partially-funded study for dogs with B-cell lymphoma, to assess the efficacy of a clinical device that injects microdoses of different cancer drugs or combinations of drugs into the patient’s own lymph node. The lymph node is subsequently surgically removed and analyzed microscopically for response to individual chemotherapeutic agents.  

After sponsor-funded immunophenotype confirmation of B-cell lymphoma, subsequent diagnostics, procedures and surgical removal of a lymph node are funded. Additionally, the sponsor covers up to $1,000 for approved chemotherapy for B-cell lymphoma.

To qualify, dogs must meet these criteria:

  • Be diagnosed with lymphoma via cytology or histopathology
  • Subsequently be confirmed with B-cell lymphoma
  • Have a palpable, surgically accessible, peripheral lymph node (>2.5 cm diameter)
  • Be healthy enough to delay treatment for 48-72 hours
  • Have no contraindications to sedation and subsequent anesthesia
  • Not be hypercalcemic

For more information or to enroll your client and patient in this study, please contact:

Washington Participation

Dr. Megan Breit

Drs. Karri Meleo or Chamisa Herrera

Dr. Sharon Shor

Seattle Veterinary Specialists Participation

Kirkland (SVS)
Dr. Kevin Choy
Oncology Referral Coordinator – Dawn Thomas

Seattle (SVS)
Drs. Jim Perry or Chamisa Herrera
Oncology Referral Coordinator – Dawn Thomas