Study: Dogs With Arthritis

Trial Summary

We are looking for client-owned dogs that are demonstrating signs of arthritis to be enrolled in a study to evaluate a novel once-weekly treatment.

Trial Funding

The study is fully funded for the duration of the study including study drug and all study related procedures.  Dogs who complete the study will be provided a 6-month supply of chondroitin-containing neutraceutical to promote joint health.

To qualify, dogs must meet all of these criteria:

  1.  Demonstrate signs of arthritis such as lameness or difficulty walking
  2.  Must not have received corticosteroids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory  medications for 2 months
  3.  Must otherwise be in general good health
  4.  Owners must be able to present their dogs for evaluation and treatment over a  two- to three-month period of time.
Kansas Participation

For more information or to enroll your client and patient in this study, please contact Beth Rogers or Dr. Jeff Dennis at (913) 642-9563.