Study: Pain Reduction For Dogs Undergoing Hip Surgery Or Limb Amputation

This is a partially-funded trial for dogs undergoing hip surgery or limb amputation to evaluate the effectiveness of a drug in reducing pain for up to 72 hours following surgery.

Inclusion Criteria

Dogs must meet the following criteria:

  • Any gender or breed ≥5 months of age at the time of surgery
  • Chronic conditions (such as diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, etc.) may be included as long as, in the Investigator’s opinion, the medical condition, treatment regimen and clinical condition are stable and do not preclude general anesthesia.
Exclusion Criteria

Dogs cannot be:

  • Intended for breeding, pregnant, or lactating
  • In crisis or a moribund state
  • On certain medications, which can be discussed with the Investigator
  • Experiencing pain from a concurrent condition, other than the condition for which the dog is having surgery.
  • Fearful and/or aggressive, which will affect accurate pain assessments and hamper study procedures
Minnesota Participation

For more information or to enroll your client and patient in this study at our Eden Prairie hospital, please contact Andrew Jackson, DVM, DACVS, or technicians Amy Zimmerman, Ann Gaier, Julie Syverson or Megan Grenz at (952) 942-8272.