BluePearl Pet Hospital shares tips for pet owners in honor of National Take a Walk in the Park Day on March 30 

Spring is here which means people from coast to coast are venturing out of the house to enjoy outdoor activities, including backyard grilling, gardening, exercising at parks, and more. While you head out for some fun and socialization this season, it is important to remember there are certain dangers lurking outdoors for your furry friend. 

To help pet owners prepare as they head outside this spring, BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital, which has over 100 hospitals across the U.S., is highlighting some of the top health dangers for pets and ways pet owners can protect them.  





Autumn Crocus 



Sago Palm 

In addition, there are some mushrooms that can be dangerous or even deadly if consumed by pets. Dangerous mushrooms include mushrooms in the Amanita (includes the “death cap” mushroom), Lepiota, and Galerina families.  

As you head outdoors this spring, be sure to always supervise your dog. If you think your pet has ingested a harmful toxin, seek immediate emergency veterinary care. If you know that they ate something harmful, bring a sample of the substance with you for more efficient and immediate treatment. 

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