A portrait of “our baby”

We were delighted to see this watercolor portrait of Mick, a 12-year-old rat terrier who gets ongoing care at a BluePearl-affiliated hospital in San Antonio, Texas. Mick is the pride and joy of Gloria Juarez. Her children gave her this artwork painted by Angelica Raquel Martinez, and she says it captures Mick perfectly as he lounges by the front door, guarding the house.

Watercolor painting of Mick

Watercolor painting of Mick

Juarez shared the painting because she is grateful for the care Mick has received from Dr. Bradley Book at South Texas Veterinary Specialists. This is what she wrote:

It is definitely with Dr. Book’s awesome care that we have had the opportunity to continue to love and care for Mick. Mick has brought lots of love and joy to our family. He is an integral part of our family and loves to travel with us. He just recently discovered the ocean and loved it.
Dr. Book first saw Mick in February of 2010, due to a breathing problem. Mick later developed Cushing’s, pancreatitis, and now has also developed a heart condition. It has been a challenge but thankfully Mick has continued to be a fighter and thus far has prevailed giving us more time to give him the love he deserves.