Cancer, Chemo. Now He Runs More Than a Mile.

Cutter had cancer treatment at Georgia pet hospital.Meet Cutter. Named for Cary Grant’s character in the 1939 movie Gunga Din, this handsome boy loves life and loves to travel. When he was diagnosed with cancer in his tonsils last year, his family wanted to give him every chance to continue enjoying his life. Cutter underwent surgery at one of our hospitals in Georgia and is currently receiving chemotherapy and doing very well.

“I cannot express how important having pet insurance is,” explains Cutter’s pet parent, Maria. “Over the last year it has allowed us to treat Cutter without question and not have to make a terribly sad decision because we could not afford it.”

Experts agree pet insurance is worth considering. Veterinary medicine has made tremendous advancements in the last two decades. At specialty and emergency hospitals like BluePearl Veterinary Partners, advanced skills and technology are used to diagnose and treat pets much as they are for two-legged patients. Similar to human medicine, quality medical care for any pet at any stage of life is often accompanied by additional and unanticipated expenses. Pet insurance helps remove some of the financial barriers to accessing the care a pet may need to ease pain, maintain dignity or even save the pet’s life.

When Cutter’s family veterinarian suspected cancer and recommended a consultation with an oncologist at BluePearl in Georgia, Maria and her husband didn’t hesitate. “Dr. Rebecca Regan made a point to be open and honest about our treatment options,” Maria says. “She gave us confidence there was some hope, but she was also very open about the aggressive nature of his cancer. They treated Cutter-boo like he was a little human. Our first appointment was with all of us sitting on the floor with Cutter! It was comforting.”

Nearly a year later, Cutter is doing quite well and still walking – and sometimes running – more than a mile a day.

Pet insurance policies differ from plan to plan. The cost will vary as well depending on factors such as what services are covered, the age of the pet, and if your pet has any pre-existing conditions. Since there are many pet insurance companies to choose from, experts suggest you carefully research and compare the plans; and pick the one that best fits your needs and your budget. BluePearl makes pet insurance available for its own employees through Trupanion.