Dog Diseases: Combating Disease in Your Dog

A dog can bring untold joy and happiness to your life. Like you, and your family, your dog is also susceptible to illness and injury. However, your dog can’t warn you when he or she feels an illness coming on. That’s why it’s important as a pet parent to know the common signs and symptoms associated with various dog diseases so you can seek immediate treatment from your family veterinarian, as well as emergency doctors and veterinary specialists when recommended by your family veterinarian.

Recognizing the Need for Veterinary Care

Seemingly minor issues such as allergies, excessive itching, biting or licking paws raw, vomiting, diarrhea, ear infections and chronic halitosis can often be signs of a more serious underlying issue. Take your pet to your family veterinarian if you notice these or other problems, in order to eliminate the possibility of anything major and to resolve the current issue.

Cases Requiring Immediate Intervention

Scenarios that require immediate veterinary treatment include

Living with Chronic Conditions

Many pet parents are surprised to learn that some of the degenerative and chronic diseases that affect humans can also affect dogs. Some of these include:

Just like in humans, these conditions can be managed in dogs through medications and lifestyle changes, allowing them to continue to lead normal lives. Early detection of disease combined with the proper veterinary intervention is key to your dog continuing to enjoy a long, healthy life.