Five ways to safely include your dog in the Halloween Fun

Portrait of French bulldog with hat halloween

From pumpkins to costumes, Halloween is a festive holiday that should be enjoyed by your whole family, including your dog. Here are a few ways to safely include your dog in the fun this October 31:

Make some delicious and easy pumpkin “candy” treats for your pup

Halloween is famous for its sweet treats. Humans can indulge on chocolates and candies, however, most of these goodies are extremely dangerous for pets. Just because you can’t share your candy collection with your dog, that doesn’t mean he has to miss out on all the fun. Pumpkin, which is perhaps the most well-known symbol of Halloween, is nutritious and safe for dogs to eat. Consider whipping up some pumpkin goodies for your pup to enjoy alongside your family. Try making some cool, frosty pumpkin treats or maybe these healthy pumpkin carrot bites.

Dress up your pet in a spooky – or silly – costume

Dressing up in a costume is an enjoyable part of the Halloween experience. Let your dog get in on the fun by dressing up, too. Most pet stores carry costumes for dogs before Halloween, or if you are feeling crafty, you can create your own. Just be make sure that your dog’s costume doesn’t restrict breathing or movement. Also avoid costumes with buttons or pieces that can be chewed on or accidentally consumed.

There are typically many opportunities to show off your dog’s spooky ensemble in your local community or online. Consider entering your pet into a Halloween costume contest, like BluePearl’s Beastly Costume Contest.

Treat your dog to his very own pumpkin spice beverage

Approaching Halloween, humans are delighted to sip on delicious pumpkin spice beverages to get in the fall spirit. Coffee and high levels of sugar are dangerous for dogs, but you can improvise by making a mini pumpkin smoothie at home for your dog. Combine plain yogurt, pumpkin puree and a dash of cinnamon in your blender. Blend it up, pour into a little cup and serve to your dog.

Bring your dog to a local festival or event

With crisp fall weather and holiday spirit, this time of year often delivers many outdoor festivals and events. If you are attending a local outdoor event, look online or call the host to determine if you can bring your pup to join the fun. Pet-friendly communities may even offer some Halloween pet events, such as costume contests or raffles for doggy prizes. When you bring your dog to an event, make sure you bring plenty of water, a collar with up-to-date tags and a leash.

Take a fall-themed photo shoot with your dogShih tzu dog sitting on table with pumpkins.

Before Halloween, you’ll likely visit a pumpkin patch to pick up some pumpkins for baking and decorating. The vibrant fall colors and plump pumpkins create a great backdrop for photographs. Dress up your dog in his best Halloween attire and take him to a pet-friendly pumpkin patch. Let him pose with the pumpkins and snap some adorable pictures with your phone or camera. Your dog will appreciate the fresh air and quality time together, and you will get some fun mementos to display in your house or post to your social media pages. Check out this doggy pumpkin patch photo shoot as an example.

To learn more about Halloween safety for your pet, read our Halloween media release.

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