Help needed to save sick girl’s injured puppy


Lily and Minnie (photo courtesy of Jesse Funk).

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. –  A 6-month-old Great Pyrenees named Minnie is being treated at BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital for extensive leg injuries she suffered after escaping from her pen.

Anxiously awaiting her recovery is 3-year-old Lily, the daughter of Jesse and Tiffany Funk, Minnie’s owners. Lily was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which has required four open-heart surgeries so far.

The week after the family adopted Minnie, Lily suffered two cardiac arrests and a stroke. She’s now undergoing extensive rehabilitation, and Minnie is the bright spot in her day, according to her parents.

“You can tell in her eyes that she just lights up every time she sees that dog,” said Jesse Funk. “We’ve really got to keep Minnie with us.”

Minnie’s wounds are severe. Her right leg is fractured, and the wound on it is so large it may require a skin graft, said Dr. Andrew Diaz, a senior BluePearl clinician who is overseeing her care. She also appears to have hyperextended her left leg.

Minnie (BluePearl Veterinary Partners photo)

Minnie (BluePearl Veterinary Partners photo)

The total cost of care may be as much as $5,000. To help the family, national pet charity Frankie’s Friends is stepping in to raise money for Minnie’s care. Those interested in contributing are asked to click here.

It’s unknown how Minnie got her injuries. She was missing for a night after escaping from her pen, and Jesse Funk thinks she was either grazed by a car or had a run-in with some local cows. He rushed her to BluePearl after she wandered home on her own Monday morning, bleeding and covered in mud.

As a specialty and emergency veterinary hospital, BluePearl  has clinicians with the expertise necessary to provide comprehensive care for complex injuries like Minnie’s. Diaz said he’s optimistic the puppy can make a full recovery.

“Minnie’s injuries are very treatable and manageable,” he said. “So far, she is doing really well.”

Lily (photo courtesy of Jesse Funk).

Lily (photo courtesy of Jesse Funk).

That’s great news to Jesse Funk – and to Lily.

“Minnie can kind of tell that she’s Lily’s dog,” he said. “They really love each other.”

Lily with her brothers and Minnie (photo courtesy of Jesse Funk).

Lily with her brothers and Minnie (photo courtesy of Jesse Funk).