Introduction to Pearl’s Pupdates


The first year of a puppy’s life is a critical time. That’s when the foundation is set, from how your puppy will interact with other dogs, to the way she’ll behave in your house – even her relationship with you and the other members of the family.

Meet Pearl. She’s a pretty typical little pup who spends her days playing, learning about the world and bonding with her loving family, the MacNaughtons. But Pearl has an advantage not many other puppies have – a special relationship with Dr. Jill Sackman, a BluePearl veterinarian, medical director and resident of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists with extensive experience in veterinary behavioral medicine and dog training. Pearl met Dr. Sackman in our BluePearl Grand Rapids hospital and the two immediately formed a friendship with puppy training as the focus.

Now Pearl and Dr. Sackman want to share their knowledge with you. BluePearl’s newest blog series, Pearl’s Pupdates, will follow Dr. Sackman and Pearl through their puppy behavioral health and training sessions. Each month you’ll get an insider’s look at important lessons such as house training, socialization and basic commands. You’ll also get to see Pearl’s training diary, written with the help of her caring owners, and receive expert advice from Dr. Sackman. Through helpful tips, stories and veterinary information, Pearl’s Pupdates will teach you how to successfully integrate your puppy into your family and establish a lifelong bond. You can look forward to Pearl’s Pupdates once every two weeks. Check back on our blog or our Facebook page to find the latest Pearl’s Pupdates article.

Pearl is a naturally inquisitive and curious puppy, but much of her progress in training is credited to her loving owners. The MacNaughtons adopted Pearl after the father, Dan, had a dream about a young rat terrier puppy. Soon after, he saw an ad for Pearl who was identical to the puppy he envisioned. It was love at first sight. Her family chose the name Pearl after their positive experiences at BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospitals with their beloved dog Ruby, who sadly passed away before Pearl was adopted. The MacNaughton family cherishes the memories of Ruby and also has the goal of also providing an amazing life and developing a strong bond with Pearl. Pearl lives in Grand Rapids, MI with her family and her older rat terrier “sister” Bella.

Pearl has stolen the hearts of her family and the staff at BluePearl Grand Rapids, and she is certain to steal yours too as she teaches you about her training progress throughout her puppy months. We invite you to follow her journey through puppyhood and learn how to master puppy training in your home.

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