Male Cats Can Die From Not Urinating

No cure for heartworm in catsDid you know that male cats are much more likely than female cats to develop a potentially fatal condition called a urethral obstruction?

Knowing the signs of this life-threatening condition can potentially save your little furry guy from having to suffer. This emergency situation sneaks up on you when you least expect it!

What’s happening: Your kitty’s urinary tract can become blocked so no urine passes. As the bladder continues to fill with no release, you cat’s health will begin to deteriorate.

Symptoms to look out for: The first “quiet symptom” you’ll see is when your cat is making frequent trips to the litter box, and you notice nothing is coming out. As his pain and discomfort increase, you may notice crying, loss of appetite, vomiting, and sluggish behavior.

Call your doctor: If you start seeing any of these signs, time is critical to save your kitty! Call your veterinarian ASAP as they will need to perform a procedure to open his urethra and allow him to urinate. If it is after hours, call a BluePearl emergency hospital or your local veterinary emergency room.

Unfortunately, when your kitty suffers from a urethral obstruction, he is more likely to get blocked again in the future. Also, in some instances surgical intervention is needed in cases where the urethra repeatedly gets blocked. Talk to your veterinarian about changing your cat’s diet and increasing your kitty’s water intake to prevent future urinary emergencies.