NYC Veterinary Specialists featured on Nat Geo Wild

Veterinarians at NYC Veterinary Specialists are no strangers to the removing oddities from the stomachs of our curious pets. One of our stories will be told on Nat Geo Wild tonight. Nat Geo Wild is airing a three-part series named “My Dog Ate What?” on Tuesday nights. If you missed the first episode, which aired last night, you can watch it again tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

To watch a clip from last night’s episode click here.

Here is some more information on the “My Dog Ate What?” show.

My Dog Ate What? Glass, Glue, and Rocks, May 4
Is it possible for dogs to eat underwear? It’s no secret that dogs eat amazing things, and sometimes even more astonishing are the miraculous twists that can save their lives. The owners of Lola, a Labradoodle, realize she ingested underwear after examining her vomit. As if the underwear incident weren’t enough, Lola’s owners later find bloody paw prints after a gorging incident with some tasty brownies from a broken glass dish. Luckily for Lola, after a trip to the vet for X-rays and surgery, there is a twist to the case — the underwear and socks in Lola’s stomach shielded her digestive system from the shattered glass ingested with the brownies … and saved her life!

My Dog Ate What? Fish Hooks, Spoons, and Coins, May 11
Dogs’ sense of smell is incredibly stronger than humans’.  When Milo, a black Labrador retriever, gets a whiff of sweet ham while on a walk in Central Park, he runs off in search of the juicy treat.  What looked like ham and rosemary was a piece of meat with pins in it.  Milo is rushed to the vet for emergency surgery.  In the care of a great vet, Milo is able to make a full recovery.  But a question still remains — why would pins be inserted into a piece of meat?  It is later discovered that the meat was not ham, but a cow tongue with pins. News crews and New York City detectives rush to Central Park to investigate and find that the act is a Santeria ritual, more specifically a curse.  The case remains unsolved as to the reason for the ritual.

My Dog Ate What? Thongs, Pacifiers, and $800, May 18
Yellow Labrador Riley gulps down a skewered corncob. Marley, the entertaining Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, eats a few pairs of thong underwear.  Pablo, the imposing bull mastiff, manages to swallow his entire 5-foot-ling leather leash.  Branson the bulldog takes down an amazing 27 pacifiers from his family’s triplet boys. When love comes before money, Bonnie the Rottweiler undergoes surgery that cost thousands. And Joe the chocolate Lab eats a very high-priced meal of dollar bills.