PHOTOS: Puppy electrocuted by power cord makes a full recovery


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Mary Berghuis wondered why her computer had just shut off.

Then she looked down to see Casey, her beloved and energetic goldendoodle puppy, motionless on the floor. Casey was right next to a power strip, her mouth on the power cord. She didn’t appear to be breathing.

Casey at BluePearl in Grand Rapids

Casey at BluePearl in Grand Rapids

Berghuis instantly realized her 12-week old puppy must have gotten an electric shock, probably while chewing or playing with the computer’s power cord on Tuesday afternoon. Remembering the human CPR classes she had taken, she began chest compressions for Casey.

“I was desperately wanting to revive her,” she said. She then put the 9-pound puppy into her car and drove to her local veterinarian. On the way, she put her hand on Casey and was relieved to find what seemed like a normal heartbeat.

After treatment at her family veterinarian, Fruitport Animal Hospital, Casey was transferred to the BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital in Grand Rapids.

Dr. Rosalind Chow, one of the BluePearl veterinarians who treated the puppy, said Casey developed a condition called pulmonary edema and had fluid in her lungs. She

was put in a special unit with extra oxygen. The extra oxygen helped revive Casey and before long she was breathing normally. Casey is set to be released from the hospital today (Thursday.)

“She looks great today, she’s very bright, active and she’s breathing comfortably,” said Chow, who is board-certified in emergency and critical care medicine.

Casey, before she got the electric shock

Casey, before she got the electric shock

The whole episode is a reminder of how dogs in general, and puppies in particular, will chew just about anything. Berghuis is overjoyed to know her happy, lively puppy has recovered.

“Casey is just a special dog,” she said.