Unsafe foods for dogs

Dogs are happy to eat just about anything, but there are many “human” foods that are dangerous for dogs. The experts at BluePearl Veterinary Partners advise you to be informed on what food products and beverages could cause a pet emergency.  Here is a partial list of food that can make your pet sick:

Alcohol – all alcoholic beverages, including beer

Apple seeds – only the seeds and stem, the rest of the apple is fine

Apricot pits

Bones – ask your veterinarian what bones your dog can eat

Caffeinated beverages

Cherry seeds

Chocolate – including chocolate desserts and candies

Coffee and coffee beans


Grapes – all types

Macadamia nuts

Marijuana edibles

Onions and shallots

Peach pits

Potatoes with growths or sprouts


Sugar-free candy and gum – which contain xylitol, a chemical sweetener

Yeast dough (expanding dough can cause internal complications)


The following ingredients are dangerous for dogs with specific medical conditions:

Avocado – in fat intolerant dogs, including dogs with pancreatitis

Fruits with a high citric content such as limes, lemons and grapefruits – in dogs who produce calcium oxalate urinary stones

Milk, all types – some dogs are lactose intolerant

Rhubarb – in dogs who produce calcium oxalate urinary stones

Spinach – in dogs who produce calcium oxalate urinary stones


For more information on dog nutrition and toxic foods, contact your primary veterinarian.

If your dog consumes any of the above foods or you suspect other poisoning, immediately seek veterinary care at your closest animal hospital.

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