Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

english bulldog puppy laying down eating the grass

Maybe it’s not the most burning question you have about your pet’s behavior, but aren’t you curious to know why dogs eat grass? Some say it’s because they need the extra nutrients. Others think canines like to nibble grass because it’s tasty. Read on to learn the real deal.

Q: Why do dogs eat grass?

A: Well, the truth is, we’re not entirely sure. What we do know is that dogs are by nature scavengers, and in the wild they eat plant matter. Additionally, a study has shown that puppies are more likely to eat grass if their mothers did while nursing, which indicates dogs may develop a taste for it.

Although many believe dogs eat grass to ease digestive upset and that it offers relief by making them vomit, less than 25% of dogs actually regularly vomit after indulging. If your pet does fall into that category and exhibits other symptoms such as fatigue, diarrhea and weight loss, you should schedule an appointment with your family veterinarian. Your veterinarian can make sure there’s no underlying cause for your pet’s passion for grass and that he’s on a diet that provides all the nutrients he needs.

Otherwise, if your four-legged friend becomes a lawn connoisseur during your evening walks or scarfs long blades from your own yard, rest assured that it’s a harmless habit. (Unless, of course, the grass has been treated with pesticides – then it should be off limits.)