• You’ll have access to world-class art museums and theaters and view some of the best that the arts world has to offer.

• We have so many diverse neighborhoods, you’ll feel like you’ve walked to different a different country in a matter of minutes.

• We have one of the most diverse and interesting populations in the world. Our people are fun, cosmopolitan and full of energy.

• Have a craving? You can get any kind of food you would like at just about any time, day or night.

• We love our sports teams! Catch the Yankees or the Mets, the Giants or the Jets, the Knicks and the New York Islanders.

• Our skyline is breathtaking. And our public transportation system can’t be beat.

• We have so many iconic foods: Pizza, pastrami sandwiches, cheesecake, hot dogs, bagels, black and white cookies …the list is endless!

• As the song says, if you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere!

• Sure, we’re a bustling city. But we still have plenty of green space. Central Park might be the best known, but you’ll also want to spend time in Washington Square Park, the High Line, Prospect Park and a host of others.