• According to CNN, smart people like to live in cool places, and Seattle has been named the smartest city in the U.S.

• Forty-seven percent of Seattle’s adults hold bachelor’s degrees, the largest proportion of college-educated residents in any big city. It’s nearly double the national average of 24.4%.

• The Seattle Public Library has the largest percentage of library card-holders per capita in the U.S.

• Seattle has 6,189 acres of parks and open areas, and Washington is home to three national parks, nine national forests and 100 state parks.

• Seattle consistently falls in the top five fittest cities in the nation.

• Seattle has been ranked among the top ten best cities for bicycling by “Bicycling” magazine and other publications.

• Washington State’s premium wine production ranks second in the U.S. (next to California).

• Seattle is the undisputed espresso capital of America, leading the gourmet coffee trend and boasting espresso carts and coffee shops throughout the city.

• Seattle is 44 in a listing of U.S. cities by rainfall amounts, with an average of 37 inches per year. It gets less rain than Mobile, Alabama (64 inches) or Miami, Florida (56 inches).

• “Forbes” ranked Seattle as the sixth most honest city in the U.S., so odds are we are telling the truth!