Transitional cell carcinoma clinical study (dogs).


Study details.

BluePearl pet hospitals in Overland Park and Southfield are participating in a fully-funded study evaluating the safety and preliminary pain management and potential anti-cancer effect of a novel therapy in dogs with bladder transitional cell carcinoma (TCC).

NOTE: Anti-cancer therapies must be discontinued 21 days prior to enrollment. Medications targeted at the treatment of TCC-associated pain, except for CBD and other cannabinoids, are acceptable provided they have been administered for at least 2 weeks prior to enrolling in the study.

For eligibility, dogs must meet the criteria below.

Study eligibility:

Kansas – Overland Park participation.
Contact Dr. Heather Heeb, Adrienne Hagar, or Beth Rogers at (913) 642-9563.

Michigan – Southfield participation.
Contact Dr. Angela Kozicki or Ashley Davis at (248) 354-6640.

Utah – Midvale participation.
Contact Dr. Katherine Wright or Ashley Harmon-Neilson at (801) 871-0600.