Fresno State Mascot – Victor E. Bulldog

State-of-the-art meets state of the heart at Fresno Pet ER, and nowhere is that truer than our partnership with our close friend, Victor E. Bulldog.

Victor E. is Fresno State’s beloved mascot who spreads smiles and the Bulldog spirit throughout the Valley. We are proud to be the official vet for Victor E. Bulldog, ensuring that his medical needs are addressed so he’s healthy and ready to tackle any adventure.

Our partnership with Fresno State began when we became the official veterinarian of Victor E. Bulldog I in 2006. We delivered expert care for his successor, Victor E. Bulldog II, and continue to do so with Victor E. Bulldog III.

Since the start, we’ve proudly served as Victor E.’s official veterinarian and look forward to keeping the tradition going for many years to come. Go Dogs!

A graphic reads Fresno State Victor E. Bulldog Preferred Partner