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The Blood Bank at North Seattle

Save another pet’s life by donating your pet’s blood. Learn about the benefits and eligibility requirements below.

Blood donor benefits:

  • Physical exam by a licensed veterinarian
  • Complete annual blood screening (information shared with family veterinarian)
  • Active and retired donors are eligible for one free transfusion
  • Free toy with each donation
  • Plenty of treats and love at each donation

Eligibility requirements for blood donors:

  • Healthy and well-behaved
  • Current on vaccines
  • Between 1-6 years of age
  • Dogs at least 55 pounds
  • Cats at least 10 pounds
  • Never had a transfusion
  • Not used for breeding
  • Not taking any long-term medication (flea preventative is okay)
  • Indoor cats only

Please contact our North Seattle hospital at 206.364.1660 or email us with any questions.

Learn more about our BluePearl Blood Banks.