BluePearl on FOX 9 in Minneapolis – Dog days of summer can be dangerous

The blistering heat that has settled over the metro area may be typical of the dog days of summer, but it can be dangerous for four-legged friends.

FOX 9 News spoke with Dr. Annie Write, of BluePearl Veterinary Partners, to get some tips on keeping pets safe in the sweltering heat.

Watch the video for more information.

With temperatures climbing above 90 degrees and heat indexes projected into the triple digits, a heat advisory will remain in effect until 9 p.m. on Thursday.

For pets, the heat can stress their ability to control their body temperature. In extreme cases, pets can suffer brain damage, fatal heat stroke or suffocate. Yet, there are some ways owners can reduce heat stress.


– Avoid activity during the heat of the day
– Avoid asphalt
– Ensure pets have access to plenty of water
– Spray down pets that are struggling with heat
– Never leave pets unattended in a parked car for any period of time

On warm days, temperatures inside a vehicle can easily exceed 120 degrees in a matter of minutes, even when the windows are partially open.

Some animals suffer under the summer sun itself, though. Pet owners should look out for the following symptoms of heat stress:

– Lethargy
– Vomiting
– Diarrhea
– Dark red gums