Chicago Tribune — BluePearl saves dog’s life after shooting

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Only days ago, a six-year-old shepherd mix named Sophie was rushed to BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Skokie after allegedly being shot in the head during a domestic dispute in Chicago.

Sophie not only survived the serious injury, but she appeared sweet and friendly Friday, June, 5, when she was introduced to the media with bandages around her head and left front paw. Sophie tilted just a bit to the right as she walked, although doctors at BluePearl are hopeful that she will improve as she recovers.

Sophie, a six-year-old shepherd mix, was rushed to BluePearl Veterinary Partners Wednesday, June 3 after being shot in the head. Two days later, she appeared sweet and friendly thanks to the quick response of Chicago Police and care of BluePearl.
Dr. Lauren Nazarian, a veterinarian who has worked on Sophie these last couple days, said the gun shot wound has impacted her balance and has caused some vertigo.

It could have been so much worse had the bullet been located differently, she said.

The cost for Sophie’s care is estimated at $10,000, which is being raised through a fundraiser by Frankie’s Friends, a charitable pet foundation. Nazarian believes care at BluePearl will be needed for another week or so and then Sophie can be adopted out.

“She was extremely disoriented and distressed when she was brought in,” Nazarian said. “We didn’t know at that point whether it hit her brain or what her outcome would be.”

Veterinarians at BluePearl credit Chicago Police with helping to save her life. The incident occurred at about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 3, on Chicago’s North Side, according to Chicago Police.

Police officers Eugene Shields and Steven Ommundson responded to the shooting, found the dog and rushed her to BluePearl, where she received immediate emergency care and was stabilized.
In fact, Sophie was delivered to BluePearl within 15 minutes of her being shot, Nazarian said.

“Under the circumstances, she is doing quite well,” said Dr. David Wilson, a board-certified veterinary surgeon, in a released statement by BluePearl. “We’re mostly concerned about the trauma she sustained to her nervous system. We’ll know more about the extent of her injuries in the coming days. But I’m really impressed with her resiliency.”

In addition to the damage to her skull, Sophie also suffered injuries to her jaw, and bullet fragments are lodged in her neck and the area around her shoulder.

“We’re all really impressed with how she looks right now,” Nazarian said. “She’s systemically stable. All her vital signs are stable. ”

Only about 36 hours after being shot, Sophie is already up and walking, eating and going to the bathroom outside. “Those are all really good signs,” Nazarian said. “With neurological trauma, you just have to give them time.”

The dog may not be 100 percent normal again, but the prognosis is good for her future quality of life, Nazarian said.
It’s rare for BluePearl in Skokie to see animals severely injured in domestic disputes, she said.

“This is one of those cases where it’s really rewarding to have this job and to be able to see a dog come in in such critical condition and then to be able to hopefully send her home,” Nazarian said. “This dog is very lucky. It doesn’t look like the bullet hit her brain.”

The Frankie’s Friends fundraiser had just under $400 raised as of early afternoon June 5.
“Sophie has a long road to recovery but the doctors are veryencouragedby her resiliency,” the web page states. “Despite her injuries, she’s able to stand up on her own and even walk with a little assistance. Donate now and help save Sophie.”

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