Fox Atlanta interviews BluePearl veterinarian on canine flu

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ATLANTA –Several weeks after the first confirmed case of dog flu appeared in Georgia, several other suspected cases are now being investigated in Sandy Springs.

Veterinarian Dr. Mark Dorfman of Blue Pearl Georgia Veterinary Specialists says his practice is waiting on test results from three suspected cases and has already confirmed one case in the past few weeks. His hospital has also created a special isolation unit where any suspected cases of dog flu are treated.

Flu symptoms and dogs are very similar to symptoms seen in humans. Those include cough, runny nose, lethargy and loss of appetite. However, dog flu cannot be transmitted to humans.

Experts are advising dog owners to avoid places like dog parks for the time being as this virus maybe spreading in parts of Georgia. If you suspect your dog may have the flu virus your urge to contact your veterinarian immediately.