NBC Boston – Pocket-sized puppy found during Lawrence drug bust

(Click here to read or watch the original story.) LAWRENCE, Mass. (WHDH) – A puppy is recovering at the vet after she was found in an unusual place: an alleged drug dealer’s pocket.

Police in Lawrence had just finished a drug bust and were booking the alleged criminals when they searched one person’s pocket and found the tiny dog.

“I was actually shocked at how tiny she was, she didn’t have any teeth and was just like a tiny loaf,” Alexis Bywater, the dog’s foster mother, said.

Her foster parents decided there was only one moniker that made sense, so they named her Pocket.

Pocket, who’s only about 3-4 weeks old, was doing OK until she ran into some trouble Sunday night.

“She was vomiting and she was pretty dehydrated and lethargic,” Dr. Kristina DePaula from Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners said.

It’s not clear what caused the health scare but her vets say she’ll be fine.

They also say a puppy this young should be with her mother.

“It’s probably best that she be with her mother so she can still suckle and nurse so she can get that attention,” DePaula said.

The good news is Pocket is getting plenty of attention now, she’s the star of the emergency room.

Even though she’s pocket-sized, vets say you should never put a puppy in that position.

“It’s not ideal at all, they can suffocate in the pocket so it’s not a good place to be,” DePaula said.

Vets say she can go back into foster care in a few days and hopefully be adopted in the near future.

(Click here to read or watch the original story.)