BluePearl Celebrates National Veterinary Technician Week

tech2TAMPA, Fla. – This week, the veterinary community celebrates National Veterinary Technician Week, an annual event dedicated to bringing awareness to the important role technicians play in the field of veterinary medicine and the community.

Veterinary technicians perform jobs equivalent to those of nurses in human medicine. They are often the first to see and begin assessment of an injured or sick animal, and they provide most of the nursing care required for a recovering patient.

To be become a certified veterinary technician, candidates must complete a minimum of two years in a collegiate program based in veterinary technology and pass a series of tests. This training is similar to the training of registered nurses. Besides basic life-saving training, veterinary technicians receive specialized training to handle the many different types of species they can encounter, including cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, hoofed animals and other animals.

“Veterinary technicians are drawn to this field because they have a passion for helping animals and want to make a difference,” said Dr. Jennifer Welser, chief medical tech1officer of BluePearl Veterinary Partners. “This week we honor the wonderful technicians who provide the backbone of what makes our caring team a success.”

National Veterinary Technician Week was founded in 1993 by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America. It is celebrated during the second week of October each year. For more information, visit: