BluePearl doctors save puppy who went fishing for trouble


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A  four-month-old puppy is recovering after gobbling the bait from her owner’s fishing pole and swallowing the whole thing – hook, line and sinker.

The mixed-breed puppy, named Aries, was rushed to the BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital in Louisville Friday after getting the 3-inch fish hook caught in her esophagus. Doctors were able to remove the hook using endoscopy, a non-invasive procedure using a scope with a camera, which is safer and faster to recover from than surgery.

hook“The hook was lodged in a tricky spot in her esophagus between her neck and her chest,” said Dr. Scott Rizzo, a medical director with BluePearl, who performed the 90-minute procedure with Dr. Grace Clark. “Fortunately, we were able to remove it without incident and Aries is expected to make a full recovery.”

Aries’ owner, John Pait, brought the pup along as he went fishing for catfish on Friday afternoon. When he put down the pole to check his tackle box, Aries lunged for the bait. Pait quickly cut the line and tried to retrieve the hook. When he wasn’t able to reach it, he immediately sought help.

“She’s always been a playful little thing,” said Pait. “She definitely has a wild side and she can be a little hard-headed.”ariesx1

When Pait was unable to afford the procedure, Frankie’s Friends charitable pet foundation stepped in to help with the cost, which was estimated at $800.

“We’re so thankful to everyone who helped us,” said Pait. “She’s really a part of our family. I don’t know what we’d do without her.”