BluePearl Veterinary Partners Now Offering Veterinary Specialty Services in Lexington, KY

Lexington KY, Friday, April 1, 2011 – BluePearl Veterinary Partners, a national leader in specialty medicine for pets, is now offering veterinary services in Lexington, Ky. “We are pleased to announce specialty services will be provided within AA Small Animal Emergency Services at 150 Dennis Drive in Lexington,” said Neil Shaw, DVM, DACVIM, chief medical officer of BluePearl Veterinary Partners.  The telephone number of the practice is 859.276.2505.

Specialty veterinary medicine has grown in popularity in the past decade as families seek more sophisticated and more advanced treatment of their pets’ illnesses. Veterinary specialty centers often offer nearly the same breadth and depth of medical services as human hospitals. In BluePearl’s Lexington location, critical care, dermatology, internal medicine, ophthalmology and surgical services are offered by appointment. Board certified specialists from Louisville Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Services will provide additional support to ensure pets’ specialized medical needs are met with the highest level of care. Twenty‐four hour emergency care is provided at the location by AA Small Animal Emergency Services, which owns the hospital facility.

Advanced imaging and surgical devices such as endoscopy and other technologies that used to be limited to human medical fields are used routinely now to help pets live longer, more comfortable lives. For example, BluePearl’s board‐certified ophthalmologist Erica Tolar, DVM, DAVCO, performs cataract surgery on dogs and cats using the same techniques that remove the cloudy growths from people’s eyes. She also treats glaucoma, retinal disease, and eye injuries.

Pets also suffer from allergies, chronic ear infections, and skin cancer – just like people do. Board‐certified veterinary dermatologist Jennifer Schissler, DVM, MS, DACVD, commonly treats these types of diseases. Jack Hume, DVM, is BluePearl’s surgeon. He often sees dogs who have torn their cruciate ligament (analogous to the cruciate ligament in humans). He performs a procedure called TTA, the newest procedure to repair injured cruciate ligaments in dogs. Less invasive than other common procedures that deal with torn cruciates, TTA (tibial tuberosity advancement) stabilizes the knee, relieving pain and preventing progressive arthritis, which occurs if left untreated.

Appointments with the BluePearl specialists require a referral from the pet’s primary veterinarian.