Burglar-fighting dog now safely home in Seattle

RENTON, Wash.  — Egypt, a whippet mix who suffered deep cuts from broken glass while fending off a would-be burglar, returned Egypt2safely home Wednesday after undergoing surgery at the BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital in Renton.

“It’s really great – we’ve been so worried about her ever since she got hurt,” said Egypt’s owner Emily Mosites.

“Everything in surgery went as well as we could have hoped,” said Dr. Jennifer Weh, a board-certified surgeon from BluePearl. Weh reattached two severed tendons in Egypt’s right front leg, and also treated cuts in her left front leg. Weh took the ends of each severed tendon and essentially sewed them back together, using a special suture pattern.

Now Egypt will have a recovery period of 6-8 weeks with close monitoring to make sure the tendons heal properly, Weh said. Her right front leg has been bandaged in such a way that she cannot put weight on it, a method designed for proper healing.

Egypt was home Monday when a burglar broke through a window. Egypt rushed to the window and fended off the burglar, who disappeared and still has not been caught.  But in the process, Egypt suffered cuts from the glass.

Egypt’s cuts are on her front legs slightly above her paws. Weh said this makes her suspect Egypt put her paws up on the jagged edge of the window that had been broken, as she presumably barked at the would-be intruder. She bled extensively in the house.

Mosites said she’s proud of Egypt, who regularly barks at dogs and humans passing by the house, as though it’s her official duty. “She really thinks that that is her sole purpose in life, to protect our house. She does a lot of patrolling.”

Mosites also is thankful to BluePearl and grateful to officers from the Seattle Police Department, who responded to the burglary and came into the house to take care of Egypt.

“If the police hadn’t stepped in to help her and to bandage up her wounds, which were drenched in blood, she would have been in really bad shape,” Mosites said.