Charity and BluePearl step up to help chihuahua named Granola Munchkin

Granola Munchkin at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Midvale, Utah

MIDVALE, Utah – Katherine Ann Flesch’s bond with her Chihuahua named Granola Munchkin is so strong it’s hard to describe.  She carries the dog everywhere, talks to her, reads to her and dotes on her.

And Granola Munchkin pays all that love right back. Flesch suffers from recurring seizures, and Granola Munchkin is her constant companion through every single one. The two depend on each other.

That bond was thrown into peril recently when Granola Munchkin fell and broke several small bones in her ankle, which caused displacement of the lower part of her ankle joint. Flesch did not have the money to pay for a required surgery. That’s when BluePearl Veterinary Partners and the national charity Frankie’s Friends stepped forward to help.

Frankie’s Friends, which provides lifesaving care to pets whose owners cannot afford treatment, has set up a fundraising link here for people who would like to contribute to the cost of the surgery. Flesch will pay part of the cost and BluePearl will find a way to cover the rest.

Surgery will be performed by Dr. Christina Boekhout, a board-certified veterinary surgeon with BluePearl. She will perform a surgery called a “partial tarsal arthrodesis,” fusing the lower part of the dog’s ankle joint. Granola Munchkin is expected to be able to walk well after the surgery.

“Granola Munchkin has an excellent prognosis with this surgery and we think Ms. Flesch can be happily cuddling her again soon,” Boekhout said.

Blane Anderson, practice manager for BluePearl in Midvale, said the hospital is happy to assist Flesch. “She was going to have a much harder time in life without Granola Munchkin, and that’s why we wanted to make sure her dog gets the surgery she needs,” he said.