Community comes together to help to save dog hit by car

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. – A dog that was hit by a car a week-and-a-half ago went home Wednesday after a good Samaritan, a charity, a family friend and doctors from BluePearl Veterinary Partners specialty and emergency hospital for pets worked together to help piece a family back together.

On Saturday, Jan. 10, a 1-year-old beagle named Toby was found by Dr. Matt DiDuro, a local chiropractor with ATL Pain Institute, on Winters Chapel Road in Atlanta at approximately 1:30 p.m. The dog had apparently been struck by a vehicle and had suffered injuries to one of his legs and his hip, so DiDuro rushed him to BluePearl in Sandy Springs.

DiDuro’s help didn’t end there. He and a friend named Jane Stafford posted flyers of Toby around town in the hopes of finding Toby’s family. After five days of searching, the family contacted them. During that time Toby had been stabilized and medicated, but surgery would still be necessary.

“When the family entered the room, there wasn’t a dry eye,” said Barbara Schick, hospital administrator for BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Sandy Springs. “The family was so excited to see him, and he was clearly excited to see them.”

Then came bad news. The family would not be able to afford the extensive surgery that was required. During the ordeal, Toby sustained a fractured right front leg and a dislocated left hip. The procedure to repair the damage would cost nearly $5,000.

Just as the family’s hope was almost lost, Frankie’s Friends charitable pet foundation stepped forward to assist the family with part of the cost of surgery. With a discount from BluePearl Veterinary Partners and the combined efforts of the family, Diduro, members of the community and Frankie’s Friends, the money was finally raised and surgery could be performed.

Board-certified surgeons from BluePearl performed surgery on Toby Monday and made the necessary repairs. The surgery went well, and Toby was reunited with his family Wednesday.

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