Community rallies to save cruelly abused dog

Josie at VSEC in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA – A cruelly abused dog with more than 10 broken bones in her face will undergo reconstructive surgery on Thursday at Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center in Philadelphia, a BluePearl hospital, thanks to animal rescuers and generous donors.

“From her eyes to her nose, it looks like someone set off a bomb in her face,” said Candace Scheirer of Noah’s Ark Rescue Project and Sanctuary, which has been raising money for the pit bull mix named Josie. “The bones are just obliterated.”

But in spite of her injuries, there is hope for Josie.

“She has multiple broken bones in her face, but with surgery she should recover well,” said Dr. Ron Ben-Amotz, a VSEC veterinarian who is board-certified in surgery and is scheduled to operate on Josie.

Josie was found on a sidewalk with serious injuries and taken to an animal shelter, according to a recent news report. She had multiple fractures in her face, around her nose, jaw and eye socket. She also has multiple punctures in the top of her head, possibly from dog bites.

No one at this moment can explain exactly how Josie came to be abused, but a plan is coming together to make her well again.

The Noah’s Ark Rescue Project and Sanctuary has raised more than $7,000 for Josie’s care.

Ben-Amotz is preparing for a careful and sophisticated reconstructive surgery. He will use a thin titanium plate which has been donated by the manufacturer, DePuy Synthes. He will cut and bend this plate and attach it to Josie’s healthy facial bones using small titanium screws.

Meanwhile, Ben-Amotz will take a different approach with a fracture near the joint of Josie’s upper and lower jaw bones. This fracture has a chance to heal without surgery – but only if Josie keeps her mouth relatively motionless. So she will wear a muzzle for two weeks. The muzzle will restrict her jaw movement but still allow her to open her mouth about an inch. During the two weeks, Ben-Amotz will monitor her progress to see how the injury is healing.

This is an example of the expert and individualized care offered at VSEC’s hospitals in Philadelphia, Levittown and Conshohocken. Many of VSEC’s veterinarians, including Ben-Amotz, have received years of extra training and testing to become board-certified in such specialties as surgery, oncology, neurology and many others.

Scheirer said she’s grateful for all the people who donated for Josie’s care, and to VSEC for providing it. “I appreciate everything VSEC is doing for her,” she said.