Dog injured in deer attack recuperating after surgery

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – A 6-year-old boxer who suffered severe puncture wounds after being attacked by a deer is recovering today at Utah Veterinary Center.


Gus (Utah Veterinary Center photo)

The dog, named Gus, underwent emergency surgery Monday to repair two severe tears in his chest wall. Dr. Will Becker, a board certified surgeon with Utah Veterinary Center, also removed a lobe of Gus’ lung that was punctured during the attack.

“That dog is  really lucky,” Becker said. “If one of those antlers had gone an inch in a different direction, he would be much more severely injured than he is now.”

The unusual attack occurred in the backyard of Gus’ owner’s home in the SunCrest subdivision of Draper, Utah. The owner’s father was also injured by the mule deer, which was put down by Animal Services officers, according to news reports.

Utah Veterinary Center, a BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital, is a specialty and emergency veterinary hospital and has clinicians with the expertise necessary to provide comprehensive care for complex injuries like those suffered by Gus. It also provides 24-hour emergency care.


Gus (Utah Veterinary Center photo)

Gus is currently resting comfortably and responding well to treatment. He’s expected to make a full recovery, Becker said.

“The good news for this dog is his long-term prognosis is great,” he added. “He should be running around again in about three or four weeks.”

Gus (Utah Veterinary Center photo).

Gus (Utah Veterinary Center photo).