Dog shot during St. Petersburg burglary to undergo emergency surgery at BluePearl

Anubis (photo courtesy of Chip Watson)

Anubis (photo courtesy of Chip Watson)

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Anubis, a 5-year-old Rhodesian ridgeback, will undergo emergency surgery at BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital in Clearwater after he was shot in the head during a home invasion in south St. Petersburg Monday.

The dog is currently in stable condition but has a bullet fragment in his neck that must be removed, according to Jeanne Rowe, the hospital’s floor supervisor. The surgery is scheduled for Tuesday morning and will be performed by Dr. Andrea Smith, a board-certified veterinary surgeon with BluePearl.

According to Yolanda Fernandez, a St. Petersburg Police spokesperson, the burglary occurred in the 800 block of 15th Street S.

Chip Watson, the dog’s owner, said he returned home from work at 11:15 a.m. Monday to find his sliding glass door broken and his home in complete disarray.

The bullet fragment in Anubis' neck (BluePearl Veterinary Partners photo)

The bullet fragment in Anubis’ neck (BluePearl Veterinary Partners photo)

He knew something was amiss when Anubis didn’t immediately come when he called.

Watson said he contacted police, who helped him search for the pup. Watson said his initial wave of relief when Anubis finally came running to him was quickly replaced by fear when he saw the dog was covered in blood.

“They didn’t have to hurt him,” Watson said. “He’s the sweetest 115-pound ridgeback you’ve ever met. He would have gone and hid in his cage.”

Watson rushed Anubis to a primary care veterinarian, who referred the case to BluePearl in Clearwater.

Watson adopted Anubis when he was just 8 weeks old. His 6th birthday is Oct. 9.

“He’s a great dog,” Watson said. “I don’t know why anyone would do something like this to him.”

Anubis (photo courtesy of Chip Watson)

Anubis (photo courtesy of Chip Watson)