Dog undergoes emergency surgery after jumping through window to get squirrel

IMG_2925EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., (Aug. 12, 2014) – Doctors from BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Eden Prairie performed emergency surgery to save a dog who jumped through a window Tuesday morning.

According to Jen and Ryan Ranallo, their 3-year-old standard schnauzer, named Bartley, jumped through a glass window in their Greenfield, Minn., home while he was attempting to get a squirrel.IMG_4770

The Ranallos’ love for all animals means they have kept feeders outside of their home so they could enjoy the sights of Minnesota wildlife like chipmunks, gophers and squirrels.

On Tuesday, those sights became too much of an irresistible temptation for Bartley. According to Jen Ranallo, Bartley has bumped into windows before, but the couple never thought he might actually go through a window.

“I heard the glass break, looked out and there he was, outside,” Ranallo said. “Once I got him back inside and checked on him, I realized he needed to get to a veterinarian immediately.”

Fortunately for her quick actions, Bartley made it to BluePearl where he could get the help he needed.

Dr. Jeff Yu, a board-certified veterinary small animal surgeon, performed surgery on Bartley to repair his wounds.

According to Yu, Bartley endured a significant laceration to his abdomen and would have died without surgery.

Yu believes that Bartley should make a full recovery, but is cautious that complications could arise within the next day or two because of the nature of the injury.IMG_3018

IMG_3878To assist with recovery, Bartley is being monitored and receiving supportive care including antibiotics, fluids and pain medication.

In order to prevent Bartley from being tempted to try this again, the Ranallos plan on moving the feeders and are looking at other options.

Because emergencies and specialty problems can arise at any time, doctors from BluePearl recommend that pet parents look into having some sort of pet insurance. Pet insurance offered by companies like Trupanion can often mean the difference between being able to save your furry friend or having to make the difficult decision to put him or her to sleep.

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