Innovative ultrafiltration treatment launched at BluePearl New Jersey

PARAMUS, NJ – Veterinary medicine continues to progress at a dramatic rate as highly skilled veterinarians adapt procedures once reserved exclusively for human medicine.

At BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital in Paramus, clinicians are now offering an innovative new treatment for patients suffering from fluid overload, severe cardiogenic pulmonary edema and those with diuretic resistant heart failure.

It’s called ultrafiltration, and it involves pushing water (and some electrolytes) from the blood across a filter using a machine that closely resembles a hemodialysis machine. Following a session of ultrafiltration, congestion is resolved, as well as the physical signs associated with fluid overload and congestive heart failure.

The treatment is being pioneered by the medical directors at BluePearl Paramus, Benjamin Davidson, BVSc, MANZCVSc, DACVECC, and Christian Eriksson, DVM, MS, DACVIM, as well as Andrea Eriksson, DVM, DACVIM-Cardiology.

“We believe we’re one of the first veterinary hospitals in the United States to use this effective new technique,” Davidson said. “It’s very exciting for us because we now have another treatment option for these types of cases.”

Ultrafiltration is not a first line technique. The doctors at BluePearl recommend the use of diuretics, such as furosemide, in the initial management of affected patients but where there is no response or response is not rapid, ultrafiltration can be used. The only exception to the diuretic first rule is pets who have catastrophic cardiogenic pulmonary edema requiring intubation and mechanical ventilation. In these pets, ultrafiltration can mobilize pulmonary edema fluid very quickly, reduce time on the ventilator and provide rapid stabilization.

Ultrafiltration can be used in anesthetized and awake patients. To learn more or to schedule an interview with a BluePearl clinician, please contact Carrie O’Brion, BluePearl Communications Manager, at