MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Teen who rescued cat thrown from van to be recognized at BluePearl

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Gavin Orlowski and his family say they don’t know why so many people are making such a big deal over their highway rescue of a cat thrown from a van earlier this Lucky2month.

“We just did what anyone would do,” said Erin Brown, Gavin’s mother.

But to Lucky the cat, Gavin and his family are heroes. On Wednesday, Gavin and his family will be recognized for their compassion at BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital, where Lucky was treated after his rescue.

Gavin, 14, wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up. So BluePearl veterinarians will spend time with the teen from 1 to 3 p.m. Wednesday, giving him an up-close look at what goes on in a multi-specialty and emergency veterinary hospital. The hospital is located at 1425 Michigan Street NE in Grand Rapids.

The family will also be presented with gift baskets from others in the community who were touched by the story of Gavin and Lucky.

“We’re so pleased to invite Gavin and his family to spend time with us at BluePearl,” said Dr. Jill Sackman, a board-certified veterinary surgeon and a BluePearl medical director. “We’re always looking to advance the field of veterinary medicine, and part of that is encouraging compassionate young people like Gavin to explore our profession.”

Gavin was riding with his mother on I-196 on Sunday, Feb. 12, when they saw Lucky thrown from the window of a van. Gavin jumped from his mother’s car and pulled Lucky from an overpass.

While the family searched for the people responsible, they were unable to find them.

They brought Lucky to BluePearl. Although the cat escaped serious injury, his nails were scraped down from scrambling on the pavement.

The story has an especially happy ending for Lucky. Not only did Gavin and his family rescue the cat, they also gave him a new home.

“Lucky knows that Gavin saved him,” said Brown. “Their bond is one I just can’t describe.”