Michael Vick’s Former Pit Bull to be Treated at Specialty Veterinary Hospital

Michael Vicks dogMINNEAPOLIS – A dog who once belonged to NFL quarterback Michael Vick is scheduled to be seen at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Eden Prairie, Friday.

The 8-year-old American pit bull terrier, named Hector, is scheduled to have a bone-marrow aspiration taken sometime after 10:30 a.m. He may also have his spleen removed depending on the results of the advanced diagnostics he will undergo.

Hector was one of 51 dogs confiscated in 2007 from Vick, who pleaded guilty to federal and state dog fighting charges.

Hector was given a second chance at life when he found a new home with Andrew and Clara Yori in Rochester, Minn., in 2008. He has since become a certified therapy dog and helps to teach children compassion toward animals and how to safely act around dogs.

The only fighting Hector participates in these days is helping to fight discrimination of specific breeds by proving all breeds can make good and loving companions.

In addition to the recent medical concerns, Hector had faced issues related to his dog-fighting past by battling babesia, an infection of the blood that is often transmitted through fighting.

Doctors from BluePearl are concerned that Hector could have an autoimmune condition that may have been triggered by the babesia.

“Hector is such a wonderful dog with an incredible story,” said Dr. Jen Myers, medical director of BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Minnesota. “Our hope is that with the treatment he receives, he’ll make a full recovery and will continue to have a much better life than where he came from.”

BluePearl Veterinary Partners has locations in Blaine and Eden Prairie and offers advanced referral medicine for pets with board-certified specialists in acupuncture, critical care, dentistry, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology and surgery.

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