“New York’s biggest cat” comes to BluePearl


Samson’s Instagram account shows him with Dr. Lisa Lippman, his primary care veterinarian.

NEW YORK — Samson, the 4-foot-long, friendly Maine coon cat who has been dubbed “New York’s Biggest Cat,” will visit a veterinary heart doctor on Wednesday at BluePearl’s Midtown hospital.

Samson is scheduled to receive an echocardiogram from Dr. Gretchen Singletary, a board-certified veterinary cardiologist with BluePearl. He also is scheduled to have an abdominal ultrasound with Dr.  Laura Hoyt, a board-certified veterinary radiologist with BluePearl.

The good news is that Samson, the 4-year-old, 28-pound, Instagram celebrity, is in good health. The procedures are merely preventative tests requested by Samson’s primary care veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Lippman, who is a house-call veterinarian with Off Leash veterinary care.

“Samson is a very healthy cat and a real sweetheart,” said Lippman. “His well-being is obviously important to his owner and all of his thousands of fans. That’s why we’re taking every possible precaution to ensure he stays as healthy and happy as possible.”

Paul Miranda, manager of BluePearl’s Midtown hospital, said the whole staff will be excited to meet Samson, who has nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram and receives as many as 200 pieces of fan mail per day.

“Many people aren’t aware that these types of tests are available for pets. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to provide this special kitty with the best possible diagnostics and care,” Miranda said. “We know all pets are VIPs in their own homes.”

BluePearl’s specialty and emergency hospitals are equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment, similar to that found in human hospitals, which makes such tests possible. BluePearl also employs many veterinarians such as Singletary, who have received years of additional training to become certified as experts within their specialties.