PHOTOS: Dog survives being shot in the head with an arrow

Big Time

Big Time (BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. –  A 2-year-old hound mix is recovering after receiving emergency surgery at BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital earlier this week to remove a mechanical arrowhead with razors from his head.

The dog, named Big Time, is now recuperating at home and is expected to make a full recovery, said Dr. Becca Hodshon, the board-certified Big_timeveterinary surgeon with BluePearl who performed the 30-minute procedure to remove the arrowhead from Big Time’s skull.

“He’s a remarkably lucky dog,” said Hodshon. “If he had been hit anywhere else in his head, he’d be dead. It struck the thickest part of his skull.”

Big Time’s owner, Brian Barrett, said he initially didn’t notice anything wrong when his dog returned home from wandering his 3-acre property  in North Vernon, Ind., Monday evening. But then Barrett noticed blood flowing from a gash on the dog’s forehead.

Barrett rushed the dog to his primary care veterinarian,  Dr. Deanna Baker at the Jackson County Animal Clinic in Seymour, Ind.  Baker discovered the foreign object in Big Time’s head and referred the case to BluePearl in Louisville for surgery.

“I can’t imagine how badly that must have hurt,” said Barrett, who has owned Big Time since he was a puppy. “That dog is tougher than Superman’s kneecaps.”

BigTime1The state’s bow hunting season started Oct. 1, according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Barrett said he’s not sure who shot his dog but suspects it may have been done deliberately.

“I don’t know how you shoot something between the eyes like that unless you’re doing it on purpose,” Barrett said.

This isn’t the first time that Big Time has found himself in a life-threatening situation, Barrett said. About a year ago, coyotes attacked him and hurt his back legs.

“I guess he’s lucky,” Barrett said. “He may not be worth much, but he means a lot to me. I’m glad he’s going to be okay.”Big-Time4