Popular poodle to return to assisted living center thanks to surgery at BluePearl

NASHVILLE – The residents of a Murfreesboro assisted living center were sad when they stopped getting visits from Benji, an energetic 3-year-old toy poodle who belongs to a social worker. Benji had suffered a ruptured disc and could barely walk.

But thanks to surgery he recently received at BluePearl Veterinary Partners, Benji is now happily romping around like his old self. So Benji will soon make a return trip to his friends at the Creekside at Three Rivers assisted living center. He is expected to get a warm welcome.

“I think everyone will be happy to see him,” said Benji’s owner Kimberly M. Reid.

Kimberly M. Reid with Benji

Kimberly M. Reid with Benji

Reid said Benji is an “all-around amazing dog” who brings a smile to the people she visits in her job as a social worker. But one day in early October she noticed Benji was lethargic, wasn’t eating and seemed in pain. His hind legs stopped moving properly and he could barely walk on them. Reid’s primary care veterinarian at Banfield Pet Hospital discovered Benji had a spinal problem and referred the dog to the BluePearl hospital in Franklin.

The problem was a ruptured disc, said Dr. Kevin Au. He performed the surgery to correct the problem, removing material that was compressing Benji’s spinal column. The procedure, called a hemilaminectomy, went well.

“It’s always nice when a pet owner can see their dog walking normally again,” Au said.

Reid said for a while she wondered if Benji would ever be the same. But now, “I’m telling him to calm down and stop jumping. I’m just totally excited about how well he’s doing.”

She is looking forward to showing off Benji on Tuesday at Creekside. She is still raising money for the surgery  but says, “I’m so glad we did the surgery. We are blessed.”