Puppy found in pocket of alleged drug dealer in intensive care


WALTHAM, Mass., – Dr. Kristina DePaula, a veterinarian with the critical care service at BluePearl veterinary partners in Waltham, Mass., holds Pocket, a female American pit bull terrier who was rescued from an alleged drug dealer by police. (BluePearl veterinary Partners photo)

WALTHAM, Mass., – An approximately 3-week-old puppy found by police in the pocket of an alleged drug dealer is in the intensive care unit and being treated by doctors at BluePearl Veterinary Partners specialty and emergency hospital for pets in Waltham, Mass.

After police seized the puppy last week during the arrest, the puppy had been staying with a local rescue group. The puppy was brought to the veterinary specialty hospital Wednesday night because she repeatedly vomited and had diarrhea, potentially life-threatening conditions for the tiny pup, separated from her mother. Initially, the puppy’s prognosis was grim, but after a day of supportive care, things are looking more hopeful.

According to members of PittieLove Rescue, the non-profit organization that has been caring for her, the American pit bull terrier puppy was found in the pocket of an alleged drug dealer during his arrest. The pup was turned over to Lawrence Animal Control, which later gave PittieLove Rescue ownership. IMG_5965

Due to the circumstances of how she was found, the puppy was named Pocket by the rescue group. Like most states, in Massachusetts, it is against the law to sell a dog or cat that is under eight weeks of age.

Doctors now expect Pocket to make a full recovery and expect to discharge her on Friday.

Once Pocket is old enough, micro-chipped, spayed and medically fit, she will be adopted out to a responsible owner. Members of the public interested in donating to the care for Pocket and other dogs like her should visit

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