Shocking X-rays reveal dangerous meal for dog

vince kennedy0002

PHILADELPHIA – A dog who ate a pair of calf-high women’s Frye boots underwent surgery Saturday afternoon at the Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center in Philadelphia, a BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital.

The 4-year-old mixed breed male named Vince ate the boots Friday afternoon, according to his parents.

“These X-rays are absolutely remarkable, especially given that you can see and count the number of eyelets on the boots,” said Dr. Laura Tseng, a board-certified specialist in critical care and Vince 1emergency medicine with VSEC. “The sheer volume of what he ate is impressive and caused a very serious emergency situation.”

In Vince’s case, the volume of the leather material was so large that his stomach was unable to pass the material into the small intestines. Surgery was needed to remove the material manually.

When dogs eat something they shouldn’t, it often requires emergency surgery or endoscopy to remove the item or items due to the fact that they can obstruct the digestive tract and perforate the intestines.Vince 2

“If your pet is experiencing vomiting, lethargy or a lack of appetite, these are all signs a foreign body may be present and they should see a veterinarian as soon as possible,” said Tseng.

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