Stray Dog that Walked Kids to School for Last 7 Years to Get New Home After Being Hit By Car

SAN ANTONIO – Debbie, an approximately 8-year-old Labrador mix, rests and recovers in front of a wall of “fan mail” at South Texas Veterinary Specialists, a BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital. The well-wishing letters and Valentine’s Day cards are from students of the school near where she was hit by a car in late January.  BluePearl Veterinary Partners photo – Mar. 5, 2014.

SAN ANTONIO – A dog that walked children to school every day for the last seven years is scheduled to go home Thursday after more than a month of treatment at South Texas Veterinary Specialists for injuries she sustained when she was hit by a car in late January.

Specialists from STVS, a BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital, have been working to repair the injuries and trying to help the Labrador mix regain the ability to walk. She suffered several broken bones, including a dislocated spine, the de-gloving of her skin on one of her legs and the loss of one of her toes.

The collision occurred just outside of Benavidez Heights Elementary School in Eagle Pass, Texas.

According to Dr. Ronald Zawacki-Maldonado, a teacher who rescued the dog and took her to the nearest veterinarian for treatment, students and faculty named her Debbie more than seven years ago when she decided to make the school and surrounding area her home.

Up until the collision, every day during each school year, Debbie was there to walk children to and from school and to socialize with them during their scheduled breaks throughout the school day.

In return for her kindness, members of the faculty and students provided her with food, water and basic vaccinations.

Besides medical treatment, Debbie really needed a home. That is about to change, though. When Debbie gets out of the hospital Thursday, she’ll have to get used to living in a real home.

That is because in addition to taking on the financial responsibility for Debbie’s treatment, Zawacki-Maldonado has also decided to adopt her and open his home to the pooch that brought joy to so many children over the years.

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