Surgery the first step to a happy new life for puppy found in Brooklyn

BROOKLYN, NY – As the head of a rescue group, Amy Marciano is used to people bringing her stray dogs. This time, she found the puppy herself.Morgan

“I saw this little puppy just crossing the street in front of me,” said Marciano, who found the four-month-old pit bull mix while driving down Morgan Avenue in Bushwick. “I was like, ‘I can’t believe this is happening.’”

But the puppy – who she named Morgan – was harboring a secret: A badly broken right hind leg. Without surgery, Morgan might never be able to use the leg again.

Now, thanks to the generosity of the community and Dr. Andrew Goodman from BluePearl Veterinary Partners, Morgan received the surgery he needed and is on the road to recovery.

“We’re not out of the woods yet,” said Goodman, who is board certified in veterinary surgery. “But he is progressing appropriately.”

Marciano is the founder of Sugar Mutts Rescue. She was driving back from a friend’s home on Jan. 31 when the puppy crossed her path. Marciano scooped him up and took him to the rescue’s primary care veterinarian, Williamsburg Animal Clinic, to be evaluated.

The veterinarian did X-rays and found Morgan suffered a growth plate fracture to his right femur. It would take a delicate surgery to fix, so the veterinarian recommended Marciano take the pup to BluePearl in Brooklyn, which has the board certified veterinary surgeons and advanced equipment necessary for complex procedures.

During the surgery, Dr. Goodman moved the femur back into the correct location and used pins to make sure it stays in place. While he’s not sure what caused the break, Dr. Goodman estimated it happened at least a week before the surgery due to the scar tissue surrounding the injury.

Marciano said she’s been overwhelmed by the outpouring of community support for Morgan. She created a YouCaring post to help pay for the surgery and raised more than $3,400.

While Morgan will still need follow-up care, Marciano said he could be adopted, as long as the right family comes along.MorganX

“Every day he’s getting a little better,” she said. “The most uncomfortable aspect for him was having to wear the lampshade on his head.”

While Morgan was undoubtedly lucky to have crossed Marciano’s path, she said she feels like the fortunate one.

“He’s such a little inspiration,” she said. “He’s the most precious pup. Everyone who meets him just turns to mush.”