Suspect Cleared in Biting Incident After New Information Forked Over

37221_427259519272_2786727_nTAMPA, Fla. – One dog is off the hook after being accused of biting her four legged friend following a thorough investigation by a veterinarian the pets’ parents are now referring to as Dr. Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes, more commonly known as Dr. Lee Burstiner, is a senior emergency clinician and board-certified specialist in canine and feline care at BluePearl Veterinary Partners specialty and emergency hospital in Tampa, one of nine nationally recognized veterinary trauma centers in the U.S.

Burstiner was working on the emergency service at BluePearl the evening of July 13, when Diane and Tim Osborne brought in Riccie, a 7-year-old Tibetan spaniel who was bleeding from an apparent bite wound and was also unable to walk.

When Burstiner asked the owners what had happened, they told him their dogs, Riccie and Macy, both female 7-year-old Tibetan Spaniels, were preparing to eat dinner when a fight broke out between them. They assumed that Riccie’s wounds had been caused by Macy.

It wasn’t until further examination that Burstiner noticed the wound was way too clean to have been caused by a bite and that the marks resembled those a fork would leave behind.image(2)

At first, the Osbornes couldn’t believe this possibility. That was until they looked around their kitchen and found a fork wedged in between the oven and the cabinets.

“It must have fallen down there and because it was so low, we didn’t notice it until the doctor asked us to check around,” said Diane Osborne. “Somehow, when the dogs were rough-housing, Riccie must have accidentally thrust herself upward on the fork.”

Burstiner says in his 24 years of being a veterinarian, this is certainly one of the most unusual cases he’s ever seen.

“It’s not every day that you have a dog come in on emergency with a self-inflicted fork-stab wound,” said Burstiner. “I’m just glad we were able to help treat Riccie and that she is going to get back to a normal life again.”

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